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Ow God, Where to start?


Pros: Drivers! Dual Bios! Unlockable! AMD! Cooler then Nvidia's 560ti! And Performs Better with the 2gb Vram!

Cons: Lolwut? How is this option still here?

Let me start out by saying this, Disclaimer! I am not a fanboy, If you think otherwise please ****. Now let's begin! First off, this Card is way way cooler then Nvidia's 560ti Hawk! (2 fans with a huge heatsink) This card was 65C MAX, on Crysis (1) everything set on highest, The Hawk was 79C MAX, Again let me repeat myself (1 fan 65C max) and (2 fans 79C max) Disappointed with you MSI (Nvidia's manufacturer of the Hawk) I have never owned a High end card with VisionTek but with these temps, I am extremely happy! Now with the FPS/Performance. I got in BF3 (multi) Again Everything is maxed out at 1200P 40 FPS and higher. With the 560TI It was a good 18-23FPS, Single cards, everything...
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Get this Beast NAO!


Pros: Intel, Unlocked, OCing Beast!

Cons: Lolwut?

I was a AMD buyer for a long long time now. So when AMD shot me in the back with the BD (FX) then I said to myself "enough, Intel time for you to shine" That was the best choice I ever did! Prob never going AMD (CPU's) again. I have it Overclocked at 4ghz for 24/7 use, 5ghz for fun Very happy I got it, and for the price? ARE YOU JOKING??? Intel if you keep this up, you will be the only supplier of CPU's! Desktop that is.

This Board is Awesome!


Pros: Nice Board layout, UFEI Bios, SLI or Crossfire, and Quality parts.

Cons: Bios is a bit glitchy, but workable. For me the mouse was inverted and a bit hard to navigate.

This board is Awesome! Overclocks like a beast, Nice colors, great features, and ready for the future Ivy! I am water cooling on this board and so far this board performs perfect! Paired with my 2500k and we are set! You can't go wrong with this board. If you got the money then go for it! Ready for 3.0 PCIE and USB 3, The list goes on and on!
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