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Pros: SLI & CFX, 1 slot spacing, SLI cable with package, neat Q-Connectors, Sata 6GB/s Cables, Fan connectors, Good onboard audio, UFEI Bios

Cons: No CFX Connector, 2nd & 3rd PCI-E slots need more space

Got this board for the sole purpose of SLI and it fulfilled that purpose. Currently running 560Ti x2 with no problems. Overclocked to 4Ghz with 955 with no problems. Couldn't do this on my previous board. The VRM does its job of keeping the board cool. This came with an SLI connector so I didn't have to break a sweat to hunt SLI connectors. Same goes with the sata cables. The first and second PCI-E slots are convinently placed. 1 Slot space to get enough air to the GPU on top. Though if you are looking to running 3 cards together, this is not what you want. Has ample fan connectors on board as well. The onboard audio is good enough, I didn't need any sound card. A great GUI bios with...
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Overclock.net › amd955be5670 › Reviews by amd955be5670