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Perfect Companion for your X79 Rig!


Pros: Extremely Fast, Highly-Binned, Tight Latencies, Dual-Sided DIMM's, Low-Profile for Air-Coolers, Black has a Universal Appeal, OVERCLOCK VERY WELL

Cons: Trident X is better for pure speed, many LGA2011 chips do not have strong enough IMC's to take advantage of the speeds available with this kit

This is my "quick review", I'll go more in-depth soon... Been running this kit for some time, having originally purchased it in late March/early April of 2012. When I bought it, I expected a kit of 16GB DDR3-2133 9-11-10-28 1.65V memory, but I got far more than I paid for! Due to having purchased the kit so soon after release, and before it was "popular", I lucked out and got some very, very strong IC's. Combined with a 3930K that has no issue with RAM above 2400 9-10-10-27 1T with just 1.115v VCCSA and 1.110v VTT1, and I've yet to get bored with tweaking this memory! Stock speeds are MORE than fast enough for 99% of people, here's a few benches showing what it'll do: And with...
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Overclock.net › nleksan › Reviews by nleksan