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EVGA GTX 560 Ti Classified 448 Cores


Pros: Overclocks well.

Cons: Run kind of hot but thats expected from a fermi card.

I really love this card. It compares to a friends 580 in folding and is easily OCable with a nice PSU. I havent had any trouble with it so far. Looks great with my case and build in general and has a sturdy feel to it. I also like that I know it can run anything I throw at it. Whether it be a Blender render for a friend or Crysis, I know the card can and will run it. My only major issue with the card is the cooling. Yes it isnt terrible but it heats up my case really quick and with the fans all the way up (Thanks to EVGA precision) I may go deaf if I sleep with the fans on folding. I look at that as a good thing. It cools wonderfully for what it is.
Overclock.net › Moovin › Reviews by Moovin