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Big monitor with medium performance


Pros: +LED PWM Dimming/Flicker Free +Low input lag (for a big LCD) +4k @60hz with 4:4:4 +Minimal ghosting +Decent colour presets once one setting is changed

Cons: -Very low contrast (630:1) -Poor colour presets -Semi-Glossy coating is nearly as reflective as glossy coatings but reduces colour vibrancy

This is a condensed version of my (I'm NCX) full review which is available on Wecravegamestoo along with my settings and ICC profile.DSC_0014 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on FlickrGhosting [[SPOILER]] It suffers from a tiny bit of overshoot ghosting when the Response Time is set to Off, and the overshoot becomes more obvious when increasing the overdrive settings. I recommend using Off or Low which slightly reduces the colour streaking and smearing in exchange for slightly more overshoot ghosting. It only suffers from transparent and dark overshoot, and unfortunately suffers from a bit more dark overshoot which can looks like dark colour smearing similar to what older VA panels suffer...
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Overclock.net › MenacingTuba › Reviews by MenacingTuba