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Great card overall


Pros: Pre-overclocked, very fast, good packaging and excellent warranty/service.

Cons: Runs hot in comparison to custom cooled cards.

The EVGA 680 SC Signature s a reference design with a slightly different cooler and as the name suggests, arrives pre-overclocked to 1084MHz (1150MHz) on the core and an effective 6208MHz memory clockspeed. Other key features are a 6+8 power design along with a 5 phase PWM design which should ensure a fair amount of overclocking headroom. Testing Using the EVGA Precision X utility I managed to squeeze out a very nice overclock of 1275MHz on the core, a whole 125MHz over the stock overclock and 7208MHz on the memory. This was all done using a power target of 115%, I found that anything over this meant the fan would ramp up to over 60% which I found to be a bit too...
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Overclock.net › twerk › Reviews by twerk