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logitech's flagship - unfortunately not flawless


Pros: sensor, shape, left and right mousebutton clickyness, price

Cons: see below

Whats new: the coating the coating is now some matte, slighty rough plastic on top and very thin rubber on the sides. This is not as grippy as the old mx518 design, but prevents sweat and dirt on the mouse. the cable (thinner, but reinforced at the entrance of mouse) sensor changed to A3090, now has no prediction. very precise little thing. 800-3600 dpi. new logitech driver. not problematic to install anymore. doesnt change mouse feeling. The mousefeet are still the three big ones. These create too much friction for my taste. As for coating its am atter of preference.. in this case its too slippery for me. Its also rather annoying that the mouse only has 2 native DPI steps. Logitechs...
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A true winning machine, but only for mid / small handed people


Pros: -flawless tracking -quality fabricate -high comfort coating -excellent gliding on cloth -ultra low LOD

Cons: -price -possibly too small for you -strange dpi steps

The EC2 Evo is the smaller brother of the EC1 - a mouse coming with a flawless avago 3090. Its smooth, its comfortable, its well designed with quality parts, it works extremely well. This is the perfect FPS mouse for people with small or medium sized hands as I think it is intended to be palm-gripped. I guess it would also work very well being claw-gripped. It is truly an underdog.. I dont see it very often, though it is pretty much flawless and certainly levels above stupid Senseis, Kones and whatnot. However it is too small for my personal taste so I will exchange mine for an EC1 now. Hope it will fit my hand better.
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