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An amazing mouse, with great features


Pros: Amazing amount of customization via software and buttons,

Cons: Battery life

This is my first wireless gaming mouse, and the build quality of this mouse is impressive. It comes with usb wire that can be used to charge the mouse and an extension, but if your battery is dead you can also use the mouse plugged in as a backup. The software included with the mouse is great as well, with tons of customization and profiles you can set up for different gaming selections. The only down side I have found thus far is during general gaming the battery at most is good for about 6 hours, and when playing demanding games it can be as low as 2 hours, but with the ability to plug it in and keep going there is no worry of not being able to continue. Overall I find this mouse to...
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Overclock.net › lemans81 › Reviews by lemans81