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Great display with some quirks.


Pros: Great image quality & accurate colors, good pixel density, value, viewing angles, FreeSync support, height & tilt adjustment, curved, response time.

Cons: Terrible sound, monitor can jiggle, IPS glow, slight backlight bleeding on the top, flimsy & inaccurate menu button.

Image quality 5/5 No complaints at all. Very accurate colors, no dead pixels, the sharpness was a bit too low out of the box for my taste, but nothing a quick increase in the menu couldn't fix. A little bit of backlight bleeding on the top, but not really intrusive in general. Really happy with this. Sound 2/5 Well... Way below average... Speakers crack regularly with music or movies or games, sound reproduction is not really accurate, it's sometimes even difficult to understand what someone is saying in a movie trailer and so on. I really want some separate speakers now, but, I will stick to using my headphones for the time being. Sound quality is great through the headphone port...
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Overclock.net › NightAntilli › Reviews by NightAntilli