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Warning! Device may cause mech key addiction!


Pros: Cherry MX Blue key switches, multimedia keys, small, inexpensive

Cons: Plastic feels cheap

As soon as I removed it from the shipping box, I noticed how small and heavy this keyboard is! It really does outweigh my full Compaq membrane keyboard pictured below. The mechanical key switches are simply magical. I'll try to refrain reviewing those here however, as others with more knowledge of key switches have written more thorough reviews than I could. The LEDs are a little bright, but I consider that a plus as I normally wouldn't want these left on in the first place.The function keys work just as one would expect per given operating system. As you may have read, the included cord is really stiff. The plating on the connectors should protect against corrosion, which is a plus. I...
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Overclock.net › Fir3Chi3f › Reviews by Fir3Chi3f