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The best computer speaker system ever.


Pros: Clean, clear and crisp highs, tight and deep low-end

My previous system was the Altec Lansing VS4121. I'd like to describe it briefly for the sake of comparison: it has a 6.5" long-throw front-firing subwoofer in a wooden cabinet with the port on the front as well. The satellites have a down-firing mid-range driver (3" I think) with two front-firing micro drivers as tweeters. The right-channel satellite has 3 knobs: Treble, Bass, and Volume - and a power button, which I never used. I unboxed them, turned it on, and left it on. lol   On my X-Fi Titanium HD, I thought that the Altec Lansing VS4121s had a FANTASTIC sound. Excellent tight and deep low-end (no boominess or distortion whatsoever), and the mids and highs were clean and...
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Overclock.net › TwoCables › Reviews by TwoCables