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Possibly the best wireless keyboard


Pros: Wireless, long life, thin, feels good

Cons: No LEDs

Before owning this keyboard I used mostly plain keyboard such as the generic Dell's, IBM's, and random wireless keyboards. The main thing I wanted from this keyboard is the wireless maneuverability without the worries of having to replace batteries and I must say this keyboard excels at both of those categories. First of this thing is THIN, about a quarter inch thick, and very lightweight. It still manages to include little fold out feet in its slimness for those that want the elevated feel. The battery life is quite impressive as well. I have been using in in a very dim room for 2 months now and its just showing signs of needing a charge with the battery at 28% life. The major killer of...
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Overclock.net › rindoze › Reviews by rindoze