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ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

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Socket 2011 is the biggest and baddest: home to Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E enthusiast processors, from the quad-core i7-3820 up to the thousand-dollar hexacore i7-3960X. There are no budget options here, only powerhouses, with quad RAM channels, lots of overclocking features, and multi-GPU support. With 73 percent of the vote, the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme trounced the competition.

ASUS Rampage IV Extreme

“This is an awesome board, there are a ton of BIOS settings regarding timings, voltages, etc. These help fine-tune your overclock. I was able to get i7 3820 to 5.0Ghz without even breaking a sweat on the board.”


MSI Big Bang XPower II

“I love my board. I think it is the second best enthusiast x79 board behind the Asus RIVE. I don’t like the ROG moniker personally. The bullet heatsink gets covered up if you use multiple gpus. Get this board.”


EVGA X79 Classified

“I like EVGA’s layout of PCI slots. [. . .] I also like the amount of I/O ports they have and lastly, I like the red and black. That’s why as of right now it is my number one pick”


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