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Das Keyboard Professional Model S

Peripherals / General Keyboard

OCN prefers mechanical keyboards even for general use. Whether typing or gaming, both the Gold and Silver winners of our General Keyboard awards use Cherry MX mechanical switches. The Bronze winner, Logitech’s wireless, backlit K800, is the only non-mechanical keyboard to place in any category.

Cooler Master Quickfire Pro

“Solid as a rock, backlit important keys, and feels like a dream. This is my first mech keyboard and I wanted to see what the fuss was about, but now I know.”


Das Keyboard Professional Model S

“For this price, it’s next to impossible to get a better mechanical keyboard. The Das Model S is a very high quality mechanical keyboard that always comes very highly recommended.”


Logitech K800

“The charge lasts a long time. I’ve only had to plug it in maybe once every 4-5 weeks or so. I don’t really pay attention to that. It does have what seems to be a fairly accurate battery meter. I love the Unifying dongle.”

Lost Hawaiian

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