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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

Peripherals / Mechanical Keyboard

Once you go mechanical, you never go back, as evidenced by the overwhelming preference for mechanical keyboards both within the Community Choice Awards and on OCN in general. As expected, OCN mega-fave Ducky Shine won here, with two other community favorites–Razer’s BlackWidow Ultimate and Corsair’s K90–snagging Silver and Bronze.

Ducky Shine

Ducky Shine

“This is the nicest keyboard I’ve ever owned, the price is totally worth it, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an LED keyboard.”

Lazy Bear

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate

“My Blackwidow Ultimate has made typing much more pleasurable. Very satisfying to type on even though it’s noisy enough to disturb my roommates.”


Corsair K90 Gaming Keyboard

“The feel of the mechanical switches while typing/gaming plus the media keys (very easy to memorise their position without needing to search) plus the backlight and the unique and cool looking aesthetics means I’m probably not changing keyboards again for another seventeen years”


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