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Linksys E4200

Peripherals / Wireless Router

They may not be glamorous or named after mythological creatures, but routers are enormously important. They connect your computers, network storage, smartphones, consoles, and even TVs to the Internet. The Linksys E4200 just barely took the lead over the Asus RT-N66U, with the Netgear WNDR3700 taking nearly the entire rest of the vote.

Linksys E4200

“I have two E4200’s. Love ’em.”



“I have this router and can confirm it is very fast. I have a 1gb fiber line and it handles the bandwidth with no problems. I get 40-50 mb/s downloads with zero hiccup. It does have three external antenna which do an excellent job with range. The interface is very fast, is very well laid out, and easy to navigate.”

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Netgear WNDR3700

“I run a WNDR3700 and it kills it. Wonderful router, awesome range for a 5000sqft house, I can even use the thing outside on the lawn.”


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