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Corsair AX1200i

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What’s the point of a quiet PC or HTPC if the darn PSU keeps making a racket? Noise-damping acoustic foam and a water-cooling loop with quiet fans won’t help you if you’ve got a noisy PSU–either because of coil whine or a noisy fan. Corsair handily won this contest too. Seems awfully strange, but who are we to argue with science?

Corsair AX1200i

“Seasonic should be on there, but I must admit, the latest line from Corsair would get my vote regardless. Corsair did an amazing job on their latest PSU line.”


Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid

“I like the fact its totally modular, would be far easier to put some nice sleevings on it.”


Silverstone ST50NF

“Proud owner of a Silverstone Strider ST85F. I practically can’t hear it, and i never had a problem so far, and on top of that its fully modular.”


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