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Intel Core i7-3770K

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“Value” clearly has a different meaning here than laypersons use. The value chips in this lineup are multiplier-unlocked, Hyper-Threaded quad-cores. They’re faster than any AMD desktop processor. The Ivy Bridge i7-3770K is faster, but the Sandy Bridge i7-2600K, its predecessor, is cheaper and overclocks better. The 3770K won Gold, 60-40, but the i5-3570K and i5-2500K were popular write-in candidates.

Intel Core i7-3770K

“This is just a great processor. I picked one up the day it came out to throw in my new rig and it still hasn’t let me down. It pumps out great gaming performance and destroys all lag using programs such as unity and photoshop. I can’t really imagine needing a faster processor except for in a server.”


Intel Core i7-2600K

“I would highly recommend this processor for people who do more than just game on their PC. It delivers incredible performance for its price, and in scenarios where all 8 threads can be fully utilized it will definitely prove its worth.”


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  1. I feel like this is really misguided. How is the 3770k on here, but not the 3570k? Outside of benchmarks you will hardly see a difference between the two and the 3570k costs a lot less.

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