Dangerous Things: xNTi NFC Tag Implants

Welcome fellow OCN’ers !

As we all know the NFC technology has come leaps and bounds and is spreading quickly into various different methods of both use and deployment. Most of us know NFC from our usage of contactless payments or for quick information transfer from our mobile phones (Cell phones for the American readers :P). I am sure most of you have seen the NFC posters/stickers that are dotted around information kiosks that allow quick access to that important travel information or V-card like information that allows us to send our contact details. In reality NFC has a lot of potential and many applications, more so recently with the ability to now implant NFC Chips with read and write capability directly into the human body.

Being a tech head like all of you here this caught my attention straight away, I guess at first it was the ”Cool” factor, but when you look into it, the benefits start to become apparent ! So I guess it goes without saying I purchased two of these implants and had them injected into both my Right and Left hands. I wanted to share my experience as well as some pertinent information as to the capabilities and just why in the heck you may want to to start injecting tech into your bodies, lets get started………………

What is it ?

Well in all honesty the best place to read up on exactly what it is would be the FAQ on the Dangerous Things website. However here is a small quote taken from their FAQ also linked below.


xNT 13.56mhz NTAG216
The xNT is a high frequency 13.56mhz transponder based on the NTAG216 chip. The NTAG216 has 888 bytes of user programmable memory, 32 bit password protection security features, and is both ISO14443A and NFC Type 2 compliant. You can use the xNT with both commercial systems that work with ISO14443A as well as NFC devices like mobile phones and new ISO14443A and NFC hobby electronics as well. There are several hobby electronics readers and reader kits available, including one we sell, that work with Arduino and other micro-controllers commonly used by hobbyists and product engineers alike.

Furthermore you can also read about the origin or this idea and the project overall on the xNTi fundraising page:


Is it safe ?

Below is an excerpt taken from Amal (Creator)


Hi guys 🙂

Our glass tags use Schott bioglass, biosafe epoxy resin, and biosafe resin coating on the copper antenna coil wire. We’ve done crush testing and have posted our results to our Facebook page; http://facebook.com/dangerousthings – in short, the tags are extremely fragile when outside the body and placed between two unforgiving metal plates, but once implanted into flesh (we used raw chicken as an analog), they can put up with quite a bit of pressure/force. We maxed out the machine at 500N and still the tags did not break.

We feel the extremely low read range of the tags themselves offer enough privacy protection since a direct read of a tag would need to be very up close and personal. Also, since our xNT uses an NTAG216 chip, the user has the option to protect the memory contents of their tag using a password, so no random passer-by could read it. The NTAG216 also supports elliptic curve authenticity encryption so you can query the tag in a secure way to ensure it is a tag you’re talking to and not an emulator. This increases overall system safety.


What you receive

Currently as far as I know these NFC Implants are only available in the US from a company named ”Dangerous Things”, so I had to patiently wait about 10 days….Lets see what we got in the package.

As you can see I received two separate implant packages due to the fact I required one for my left hand and one for the right. Yes that is right, you can also see numbing cream and clingfilm for numbing the implant area, generally I would not do this if it was a Tattoo….but these needles are somewhat bigger and we will get to that.

In each package you received the following:

– 1x sterile xNT 2x12mm bioglass tag pre-loaded in EO gas sterilized injector assembly
– 1x single use ChloraPrep skin prep ampoule with cotton scrub tip
– 1x sterile gauze pad for post-injection wound care
– 1x sterile anti-bacterial adhesive bandage
– 1x pair of non-sterile, non-latex surgical gloves

All comes vacuum packed and sealed as you would expect for anything surgical.

The Procedure


At this point I have to be responsible and point out that this is a body modification and should be carried out by a professional such as a Doctor or Body Modification professional. These are placed in the hands where we have all sorts of sensitive elements such as bones, tendons, nerves and muscle and for health and safety reasons should not be done yourself or by a novice.

As you can see below the Implants are place under the skin between the thumb and index finger.

As you can see below I wrapped my hands in clingfilm which had a generous amount of numbing cream underneath to reduce the pain from the procedure, it was rather awkward to wrap the clingfilm round my hand as you can see.

After the procedure I just wanted to show you the size of the needles in question…oh and of course my blood from the ordeal !

Now due to the bleeding and wanting to get my hands under wraps fairly quickly I was unable to take a picture directly after the procedure but did take one a couple days later. As you can see the incision is very small and heals fairly quickly but expect a small scar. All in all it was not overly painful, perhaps uncomfortable. If my hands had not been numbed I would imagine it would have been the other way round, why suffer if you do not have to !

What are the benefits from these implants

Honestly the applications are fairly boundless when it comes to the NFC technology itself. Here are some examples of uses

*Unlock devices (Phones/Tablets etc)

*Home/Business security systems (Scan you as a recognized person and allowing you access)

*Unlocking Cars

*Storing Information (All be it limited text strings)

*Many various NFC based triggers such as on Android/Apple devices

*Windows Logins

*Making Payments (Not yet available)

……..and so many more.

See below for some great sources that expand further on some of the uses and the NFC xNTi implant as a whole:

Here is why I implanted an NFC chip in my hand

Dangerous Things xNT: a personal NFC chip in your hand

Well that is it folks, my small experience with the xNTi NFC Implant. Currently I have only really set it up for my phone but I am looking to integrate it with the rest of my IT based systems for wireless authentication.

If you have any questions then please feel free to fire away.

Thanks for reading,



This is not a sponsored article. Items were purchased myself in order to create a fan based article.

52 thoughts on “Dangerous Things: xNTi NFC Tag Implants”

  1. Well now Ent, you didn't say you were auditioning as Adam Jenson.

    Nice write up enterprise. Have you tried it with some receivers and can post results ??

  2. Hey guys, to answer your questions.

    No these will not set off security detectors of any sort. This is due to the fact that there is so little metal used in the tags that the detectors do not detect them, this is very fortunate for obvious reasons.
    As for testing these, as in my write up I have only tested these with my phone, I have also tried to see if the machines at the train station (Card Ticket Readers) will read them and hilariously enough they do indeed detect my implants, but throws up an error because the implants are not currently programmed for that use (In time hopefully we can) I actually did it again the other day to show a friend….I actually crashed the system lol

    Yes the needled are larger than what one may be used to and I wont lie, they are uncomfortable BUT once you are the initial piercing of your flesh it is not too bad. All in all you have to push the needle all the way in to create a pocket for the implant to sit, you then drawer the needle back a little and inject the implant and withdraw the needle and apply the plaster. There are videos of the procedure on the net.

  3. @hanzy
    You would need very minor surgery should you need them out for whatever reason. Upgrades from what I understand look to be seldom in the word of NFC, perhaps upgraded security . As the tags are so simple in design the only failure they would have is if they were broken in your hand if subjected to a large amount of pressure or similar force. As they are only under the skin then luckily removal would be a fairly simple process but again I would recommend seeking a professional for that.

  4. It all depends on what you are achieving. I would have to take a look into the technical specification of the rings vs implants but for me personally I wanted the implants as I did not want another ring and you can forget a ring, you can lose a ring….but losing or forgetting your hand is less likely lol. It just comes down to your preference and the right tool for the right job.

  5. See, losing a wedding ring might not be as common place as you think. if its dear to you, you look after it more. A ring might store more ram, glow in the dark and have a logo on a tiny screen and even one day a small holographic projector ( that would be seriously cool ) but more importantly your not restricted to any shortcomings, i.e if things got spooky then you just take it off.

    Besides im not going to argue with someone who has their forum username tattooed to their arm, the idea of body modification isn’t new to you.

  6. This is pretttty awesome. Would actually be OK with this on my right hand if I could use it for all my work log-in stuff… is it uncomfortable after it's healed if you, say… make a fist? Can you feel it at all?

  7. I've been meaning to do this, I have a 14g septum, 00g earlobes (stretched from 6g) and a 4g PA, so I'm not worried about a 12g needle in my hand, lol. Only the extra cash not being used for food and computer parts and like bills. How long did it take for it to stop hurting? I imagine at least a week, being you move your hand all day and sleeping on it occasionally.

  8. Kudos Enterprise. Looks like it went well. I want to do the same type of implant but for storing a portion of my Bitcoin recovery keys and use the other hand for actual transactions. Not sure if those tags have enough bits to accomplish this but I could see this being popular in the crypto community if someone figures this out.

  9. I'm a little worried if you have to do an MRI examination and passing the magnetic field of the scan isn't a little dangerous to have those metal plated chips ?

  10. I've been curious about these for some time .My only doubts as use of security is how secure if the software you use to interact with these .

    Q1 In terms of unlocking windows machines – how secure is the software that controls it and cant it be bypassed or brute forced ?
    Q2 NFC chips (Some) are susceptible to NFC chip re writes and hack . – Check out NFC Proxy for android ( Doing a project on it at the moment)
    Q3 Home entry – Same security issue with windows how secure is the back end software .
    Q4 Android phone access – very handy but does any rom have full NFC unlocked support ? can request it to Cyanomod (be good if all other auth was disabled and worked with Full disk encryption)

    I'm going to do some research on all this but any information would be great . Not sure what is available over here int he UK but I might join you on this . I can see many great uses for this as long as the back end software/hardware in interacts it is secure .

  11. @asuindasun
    You cannot feel them by clenching your fist or through any other hand movement. You can feel them if you prod your hand with your fingers but that is it, no pain or discomfort.

    Good concern BUT MRI scans do not effect the implants in anyway, again due to the little metallic content. Amal I do believe covers this in the FAQ section on the Dangerous Things website.

    In all honesty my hands did not really hurt after the procedure, if anything it is only a little itchy while it heals but you still have full functionality of your hands but I would advise you try and minimize workload over at least 48 hours while the wound closes.

    @Pip Boy
    For sure and I can definitely see why someone would prefer a ring over an implant, all in all it just comes down to what you are more comfortable with. For me it was just the fact you cannot forget your hand and the cool factor really !

    The storage is 888bytes worth of information, sounds like a little, but in terms of NFC it is a good size as NFC uses little information for programming. You can add text records to the implants which I have, I actually for a joke put my next of kin information in them. They can hold a small amount of information but could not say as to the character limit. So depending on the length of a Bitcoin Recovery Key, it may be very do-able.

  12. @slickwilly
    Should there be upgrades then yes you can have these removed, simply surgical process. As they are only under the layers of the skin then it would only require a minor incision to remove them 🙂

    Generally speaking the range can sometimes depends on the reliability of the reader. However NFC for security reasons has always been up to 10CM or less BUT these implants you have to touch your hand or hover very close to the reader. Again this is for security to Stop people from reading your hands by just walking close to them.


    I will answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.

    1. From what I can see the Windows software used for reading NFC devices as a form of login authentication employs the same method as smart cards. Anything is hackable, BUT in order to hack the NFC software they would need to clone the unique authorization key which would have to be done at the terminal in question and it would take more than a moment so in reality I doubt this would be a huge issue.

    2. Correct they are susceptible to hijacking. Luckily you can lock these implants with a passcode or pin which prevents unauthorized access to the NFC Implants. I am not sure if other NFC products have this type of security but the implants are fairly secure.

    3. Honestly, I am not a programmer and could not say how safe home security would be set up with NFC devices. Again it employs similar authentication as smart card systems. However with the home security systems you can have two stage authentication. Stage One would be the reading of your NFC device and an optional stage two would be to enter a pin or passcode, this way you make it much harder for someone to essentially hack your home system.

    4. Stock ROMS support full NFC and all the features. Custom ROMs also support this however the latest CM Roms unfortunately have not played well with my Implants so I have returned to Stock until this is resolved.

  13. Pretty awesome Enterprise I've been wanting to get a magnet in my finger for the longest time, but there are only a few body modification experts willing to do it, and they're not local to me… so I keep putting it off and forgetting about it… maybe NFC would be the way to go but then I won't be able to sense the Hz….. do you have any other unique body mods (outside of piercings and tattoos)? or are there any others that are interesting to you?

  14. Gives new meaning to “bleeding edge technology”. I would be interested in a follow up article in a few months when you have discovered all the amazing things that you can do with your new implants.

  15. @Enterprise
    You crazy SOB
    What's next? Tiny micro-USB OTG storage? “I have 128GB in my left hand but only 64 in my right”

    Please keep us posted as you expand the integration.
    Does the unlock work flawlessly on your phone or is it hit and miss at times?

  16. Looks like Professor Kevin Warwick stuff to me 🙂

    Anyway we can't stay human forever! Must mutate once with all that radioactive stuff 🙂

    Don't want to mutate? Well upgrade yourself to cyborg style humans.

    Scienfe fiction you say? What about pace makers, eye and ear protheses. Heck even limb replacements…

    I'm in for this future upgrade stuff. Not sure if I really have the ballzzz, but I would use it more as a real upgrade and not just as a storage chip. E.g. getting faster, stronger, nightvision, all that stuff

  17. my memory of that senator who put a NFC in him was that he had to get it removed because it gave him cancer.

    heres the deal: the cellphone thing giving you cancer/ crap. here's why. Does a celphone antenna give off ionizing levels of radiation? (surprisingly) yes. How far away from the antenna do you have to be to drop the strength to non ionizing levels? About 1/32nd of an inch. since the plastic over the antenna is thicker than that a cell phone won't be a radiation danger even if you put it in your mouth.

    why does this matter? because the chip you inserted may or may not have enough plastic spacer between you and the antenna. The distance between you and the chip is zero. unless the chip has enough distance built into it it could cause a problem.


    I did a bit of research and it appears 888 bytes would be plenty to store a 34 character Bitcoin address or a set of recovery partial keys for say a Trezor device. Ideally the NFC chip would be used for things like multi-sig or signing transactions or hold a password for 2 factor etc.

    My only worry would be if standards change as NFC hasn't really taken off in my country and with companies like Apple doing their own NFC micro payment thing these existing NFC chips could be rendered useless. That being said none of this really matters for Bitcoin or other crypt currencies so I'll probably take the plunge and it do it myself. Just need to figure out how to interact with existing wallets which could be developed outside of the hand

    For reference, here is a neat website that lists how many bytes typical phrases and sayings take up.


  19. Magnets is another body mod that I have seen on the Dangerous Things website, I cant say it has hugely interested me but mainly because of the implications of them, MRI and security scanners would not play to well with those and I think I can live without magnetized hands for the moment but would be wicked for picking up those blasted PC screws. Currently as for body mods there is nothing else I have in mind for the moment and in reality there is little on the market regarding Tech implants, at least for the average consumer.

    @Tohru Rokuno
    Haha, I do like to boldly go !

    Well practical uses for me thus far will be my phone, Windows logins and secure lockbox. I am currently waiting to see if a small USB dongle will come on to the market for NFC reading as that would be much more appropriate that the large pad readers currently available simply because they are a little cumbersome, especially for laptops etc, probably not so bad for your desktop. As for the lockbox this is something I am looking to invest in. As it happens it will be a Gun Lockbox sold in the states which features NFC Reading capability as well as Biometrics (Fingerprint record), I am simply waiting for the funds in order to purchase that 🙂

    Excellent, well once I have a few more working examples then I will likely create some videos to show them in action.

    Actually if data storage was implantable, I would be one that very quickly. Though the storage would have to be wirelessly accessible unless your want odd ports sticking out of you. The only other issue is power, if you were to have such a device in your body it would need a power source if it was to run wirelessly but if they find a way to take advantage of the human bodies bio-electricity then the sky is the limit.

    As for the phone unlocking flawlessly, I find that there is a ''Sweet spot'' to getting this done and sadly it also completely depends on the phone/device you are using as to how effective it is. Using my phone is not to too graceful which is saddening since it is a Sony Z3 and is apparently a flagship phone. However using other phones which ironically are cheaper seem to work much better.

    I am honestly not worried. Remember that a cellphone or other like equipment is a transmission device, pretty much all the time that it is on it is parsing information. Now with NFC Implant this is not really an issue, NFC implants transmit and receive data in nanoseconds and once that transaction is complete, for all intense and purposes they are ''Off''. NFC tags do not have a power source and as such emit nothing. They are powered by signal transduction, so effectively they are powered by the incoming transmission from the reading/writing device.

    Very useful link, thank you for that ! I am glad to hear that it could be of some use for you. I think NFC was slow to start off but I think it will be a communication standard that will only get more popular due to…

  20. @Madpacket
    Very useful link, thank you for that ! I am glad to hear that it could be of some use for you. I think NFC was slow to start off but I think it will be a communication standard that will only get more popular due to to the benefits regarding security and payment applications.

  21. “PROBN4LYFE 8/11/15 at 7:08pmLol you chipped yourself….the prophecy is coming to life!!!! The mark of the beast you are a serial number now. Let me know how it works out for you though.”

    This is exactly what I came to say/ask! My dad used to scare my brother and I so much that some day the government would try to give everyone an implanted serial number to accomplish daily tasks. Without one you'd starve. With one you'd actually be a member of Satan's army!
    The logic in this prophecy is more unfounded scare tactic than anything but your mod made me wonder if you've encountered any evangelical christians and what if anything they had to say about it. It would be hilarious to watch a pastor or priest log in to his sermon and turn on the cathedral lights with one of these. The 7th circle of hell would probably open right there!

    For the record, I have seldom listened to my father and I think your NFC chips are the start of a very interesting era for the human race.

  22. @Punjab
    Yeah I heave heard that type of scare mongering before, sure if these were GPS trackers then that would be a different story as I would not be too comfortable with that in my body for fairy obvious reasons…just watch some movies lol. I would love to see a pastor login to his sermon or use a kindle to read the bible lol.

    I believe NFC integration is the first step to some very exciting things in the future, while a little way off I have always like the idea and applications of nano technology, more so in the medical area.

  23. Yeah,no..I'm not a fan of this..Hope it is never implemented in my country,,I can see how it might benefit the owner in certain uses,but It can also lead to a lot of problems,should it become widespread..
    And before I'm accused of wearing a tin foil hat,I'd like to inform everyone that it really complements my eyes
    Seriously tho,imagine the complications of having stuff like your social security number,ID and a lot of other personal info on the chip , in this time and age where identity theft is something happening every day..
    I can see how it can be cool and easy to use for mundane things as unlocking your phone or at public transportation scanners,but I feel that the problems that will arise if it ever becomes widespread,outweigh the benefits..
    But at this time that it can still be used as an innocent gadget , it's rather cool having them , I guess , so kudos to ENTERPRISE for trying it out and sharing his experience with us

  24. @Dimaggio1103
    In the future yes that may be a possibility, I know that it is being worked on but the way payment systems work are a little more complicated that just cloning your card details, as one would hope otherwise cloning would be rife !


    I doubt this will be implemented in any compulsory way and I think it all comes down to the end user and some common sense. The implant itself is hugely useful for all sorts of tasks as previously mentioned but I would never host sensitive information on it just in case…However information on the Implant can be put into an encrypted form and cannot be read by just any passer by. For the moment however this is just a handy gadget 🙂

  25. I think this is a huge step forward in tech, I'd love to see what I could do with one. The pay programming would be nice and a good joke at a store that allows NFC pay styles, as I already use the crap out of mine in my 6+.

    Are they working any other styles of implants other than NFC (didn't take a look at Dangerous's site)

  26. @Enterprise Greetings fellow cyborg… Just had my right hand implanted on Friday. Now wishing I would have done both hands already as I'm using the one that I put in my right hand as my business card, and I'd now like to have a second for additional functionality…

    Just to share with everyone what I've done with it (and any suggestions for other functions is welcome):

    I created a VCF that included my photo. Now with a photo included, a VCF is too large to put directly on the implant as it only holds, as noted in the article, 888 bytes.

    So I uploaded the VCF to my server, wrote the URL to my NFC implant and VOILA! When someone scans my hand with their phone, they download my full business card, with a photo, and even a note in the VCF note field that let's them know my college team affiliation. If you don't have your own server, a Dropbox account would suffice.


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