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I have just updated my computer with a custom loop and new case (corsair c70) i have 3 corsair sp 120q fans on the rads, two cheap red led intake. 1 1 case fan on the drice cage. 1 case fan in the bottom and 1 140 in the bottom. i bought two with the intention that i was going to have the rad fans on one and all the other fans on the other one. however i did not notice that it was 4 pin and all my fans are 3 pin. i haven’t got enough headers on the motherboard and i really want to be able to control it through the mobo bios. i can’t get my hands on something like a swifttech fan splitter or the nzxt grid (because apparently no european shop thinks that people need something as stupid as airflow), btw i live in denmark so components like that are pretty hard to come by without paying a shitload in shipping.
so finally my question, is it possible for me to just change the pins (moving the 4 pin into the 3 pin on the ? if not is there some other way for me to make this work (i don’t want to use fan splitters like the ones that just divide it into two connectors from one, because of the many different fans smile.gif
thanks for any help:)

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  1. Ok well the problem is that you're using PWM splitters for non-PWM fans. One of the great things about PWM is you can control a whole bunch of fans from one header. With PWM the fans get their power from the PSU, and the mobo or fan controller just sends a pulse signal on the 4th wire telling the fan how fast to spin. Almost definitely if you try to Voltage Control a whole system worth of fans off a mobo header, you're just gonna break the fan header.

    So, you basically have 2 choices that i can see.
    1. Get a cheap fan controller
    2. Change all your fans out for PWM fans, then you'll be able to control em the way u want to

    Also, just a friendly reminder, you should've created a thread for this in the Forums/Cooling section. You'd get more help that way.

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