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Trouble with OC, Prime95 FREEZE immediately

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Trouble with OC, Prime95 FREEZE immediately

Hi all, I'll get right to the point.

with all settings stock, my system runs prime95 at around 33C.

mobo - ASUS 970 progaming/aura
gpu - ASUS r9 280x (upgrading to ASUS rx 580, trying to figure out cpu oc before)
ram - corsair vengeance 4x8gb 1866
cpu - amd fx 8350

I am trying to OC my FX-8350, I tried only changing the ratio to bump the cpu to 4.2 (stock 4.0). From what I remember the stock voltage is around 1.35, maybe a bit less.

Anyway, I didn't touch any voltage settings, went and ran Prime95 and immediately the computer screen froze. All 8 cores load up on prime95 and then within a second or two, the computer screen freezes up, mouse won't move, and I have to manually reset the computer.

Then I went back to BIOS and left the ratio alone, changed the voltage to 1.4, rebooted and ran prime95. Same issue again. I don't think I should have to up the voltage higher than this to get an increase of 0.2... what am I missing?

I attached a photo of what CPU-Z and Core Temp show me prior to running prime95. Also, I am running the blend test... but should that really matter if I am testing for stability? I will update this post with another photo of the screen as it freezes once I run prime95 one more time.

Please ask any questions and I will try to answer them as best as I can. Thank you!

update: tried running prime95 small FFT, stock it does fine. seems to idle around 30 or less. Any attempt to change the ratio and up the processor speed causes immediate freeze when i try to run prime95. Any attempt to up the voltage does not help either... feels like i am missing something and i am kinda stuck with 4.0ghz
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The newest versions of prime 95 are not suitable for older FX chips. You can still find older versions of prime 95 that work better for stress testing your FX-8350. I believe the last version that worked well with AMD older FX processors was 27.9 which you can still download from their official site here.

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Either CPU or VRM or software issue if Prime95 made some changes. Simple, don't use the silly Prime95, run HEVC encoding instead.
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If it runs at stock but not while OCed, something is wrong with the OC, and even the newest stable builds of Prime95 should be able to run correctly on a stable Vishera.

Chances are that something is wrong with the default BIOS settings, or your memory's XMP profile is incompatible with the board's firmware.

My ASUS AM3+ boards use completely incorrect memory command/access drive strengths for most higher density memory I've tried and I need to use a lot of manual settings for full stability at rated (or better) memory speed with the G.Skill 1866 I'm using on my Sabertooth 990FX R2.0.

I'd try running the memory at 1600 and manually set the DIGI+ VRM control settings to troubleshoot.

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I use a combination of intel burn test and HCI memtest for stabilizing my FX chips (6300/8320e/9590)

DO these quick and easy voltages and settings inside BIOS. they will be overshoots, and you can fine tune the voltages later on.

BIOS, go into power delivery options, maybe ASUS still calls it DIGI+ on your board.

Set LLC to medium or high. NEVER go above HIGH.

If allowed, set the VRM frequency to the setting under max. Example, my crosshait allows 300khz to 550khz in 50khz steps, so I use 500. Yours may change, if you even have it.
If a setting, allow the cpu to have more current. My ASUS baord allwos setting 140% here, simply means CPU is allowed more headroom as far as power is concerned. DO the same for the ram if allowed. Post a few BIOS snapshots if you can, with a spare USB stick formatted in FAT32

CPU MULTI-----x20
NB MULTI------x12/x13, match HT link
HT LINK-------leave default, but set manually, do not leave auto.
PCIE BUS-----101mhz No concrete evidence, but this seems to help a lot of random glitchy stability. Not 100% why, dont care, doesnt hurt anything lol
RAM-------Set to 1866mhz, be sure to go into ram settings, set your main timings, find tRFC, set to 300 for now. Usually defaults to high 100's or low 200's with JEDEC 1333/1600. Inside ram settings, also set command rate 2T for now. Can tweak later

vcore------1.45v it is a big overshoot, but that is why we are doing it, so we can read in windows what hwinfo64 says about it. HWinfo64 is not 100% guaranteed to be accurate, but it can see large dips, and more importantly, see if your idle voltage is the same or higher than LOAD voltage, which is what you want. perfectly level voltages, or a higher load voltage means you need to dial LLC settings DOWN. (medium if you experience this with high)
cpu-nb----1.3v 2400mhz, or 135v for 2600mhz. Again, overshoot, dial in later.
cpu-vdda----2.5v is stock. Bump to 2.6v for now. Not required, but helps limit required eventual vcore. More on that later on when you are stable.
NB chipset----on-motherboard chipset. Stock 1.1v, can set to 1.125 for stability insurance. I recommend avoiding going above 1.125v unless you are pushing very high northbridge and memory speeds.
NB-HT voltage---stock is 1.2v. Can set to 1.225 if you see this voltage dipping at all. Is okay to set to 1.3 when pushing high BCLK, example 275mhz

RAM voltage----set 0.01 above what your ram wants. if 1.5, make it 1.56 If 1.65, 1.66, etc.. This simply covers your bum if ram power circuit is lacking on your motherboard. Even my fancy Crosshair V formula-Z needs this adjustment.

Let us know how it goes.

You should now have a 4ghz core, 2400/2600mhz northbridge, 1866mhz ram, 101mhz PCIE, and enough of an overvoltage to be stable. Watch your temps!!

EDIT I see the mention of ram drive strengths above. MAX all of them out. Only serves to help stability. There are no bad consequences of setting max settings here. They also allow far more successful memory tuning of the secondary timings. OSD termination can be set to 80 or 60 ohms, its useful when pushing beyond 2400mhz ram. Not needed in your case, so this can be left on auto

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For stability testing, first use intel burn test, leave at standard of 1024mb, change runs to 100. Let it cook. If stable, try high of 2048mb, this time 50 runs. If good, run very high 4096mb with 20 runs. If stable, now do custom, set to 50% of your ram. Let it do 5 runs. If all is well (this takes a long time) you are core stable.

Now to verify ram and northbridge (memory controller) are strong. Download the free HCI memtest, get a shortcut on the desktop, double click it 8 times to open 8 instances. They stack in palce, so move them around.

Openm windows calculator, do 32 x1024, then multiply the reuslt by 0.75, shoudl get 3072. THIS magic number is what you now plug into all the memory test instances open.

ONE by ONE, start the memtests. Wait for coverage to get to 5%, one at a time, until all are running. This lets you figure out if things are unstable, as one instance running a test might be okay.

If you superman through all 8 fast, and you get a bunch of errors, it is very frustrating trying to beat the system trying to stop the tests, as the free version throws a popup on screen that CANNOT be simply dismissed until you acknowledge the error.

Once all running, let the memtests get to AT LEAST 100% coverage. If you are satisfied, and dont need to trim memory voltage or northbridge CPU-NB voltage, let the tests sit until they reach 400-1000%. many people go by HCI's recommendation of 400%, I like 1000% because Ive had plenty of scenarios where an error was found around 500-600%

This is an overnight situation, it takes HOURS. But it is worth it, as AMD FX chips HATE memory and northbridge instability. Your memory controller/northbridge is what your cpu's L3 cache runs at, so if this is unstable, you can experience an extremely slow system, as the onboard built in cache ECC (error correction) will go haywire and slow everything down to a crawl in random annoying spikes.
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A very helpful tool written by a gracious member of the r/overclocking discord server:

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