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Originally Posted by Gill.. View Post
Finally working again.....great job everyone - don't know about you all...but I had fun turning my house into a broiler in what will probably be the consistently hottest of the week this summer!

I'm surprised, I thought we had it....so cool - good job Minions - very impressive.......

Ok....so now back to us taking over the entire list of RAC...

Edit - 32,075,903. Enough said.

Edit 2 - WE are the 25th best team on Earth right now...138 "members" and how many months old (still on one hand technically if counting by fingers)? Lol...wow....
No doubt that you guys are doing great, never deny that. Oh and broiler? yeah I feel ya on that, was 103ºF today here and I got two PC's in my room going at it with some GPU's in the mix as well.
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