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Originally Posted by cdolphin View Post
The issue I see is that not all BOINC causes are equal!! With [email protected], we are all supporting a single concept/cause, with BOINC, it is different!
In my opinion this is more of an advantage than an issue. Different people different tastes. Some may like protein folding and others may like helping to explore the galaxy (me for example ) and yet we can still be united, crunch for one team even though we have completely different interests. Also BOINC has proper support for ATI GPUs, especially the 5000 series which I highly appreciate.

Originally Posted by LiLChris View Post
This is why I haven't started...
Haven't had time to research on which is something I like to contribute to.

Want to get started by sept. though, hopefully I have something picked by then. I think I will be dedicating my 8800gts to it.
Going through this list definitely won't take a lot of your time : https://www.overclock.net/overclock-n...-projects.html.
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