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I'm voting for mmx+ as captain since I think he's the most experienced user in this section in our whole team.

About the team name, just for fun (Don't take it too serious, it's a name I made in 10 secs, since many brand cpu's/gpu's):

"Anti Fanboy Folders"


The "NoMoreUpgradesUntilXmasPC" Build Log

GPU's: HD5850 > HD5970 > 2x HD6970 > 2x GTX580 > 3x GTX580 >
> 2x GTX680 > 2x HD7970 > R9 290X > 2x R9 290 > GTX970 > 2x R9 290X >
> GTX980Ti > 2x GTX980Ti > 2x GTX1080 > 2x GTX 1080 Ti

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