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ROG Crosshair VI overclocking thread

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Originally Posted by elmor View Post

Good to see mainly positive reactions on the new BIOS. Most of that credit should go to AMD. I do recall that P-state overclocking might work better on this one. SHA256 48ac8b04a54eff6c0054ee5c737aa41ad52f8ce9c03366cfc440fd730ed0961c SHA256 785c4b5352756c54aa68873f2bc1c90457d54d8692be74f95754721d657bc3d0

Its a good BIOS Elmor, thnx for that. Its much better than 3008 for me although i still can't find stability for 3466 MHz but i am still testing today.

System feels much smoother with this new BIOS and browsing is also faster? Idk how browsing can be affected by BIOS but its what i notice right of the bat.

No new updates for browser or Windows, just new BIOS flash and everything feels smoother is only crashes in Memtest86 unfortunately.

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Originally Posted by ZeNch View Post

The Asus Prime Pro x370 have beta bios with AGESA update? or with other improvements? Thanks!

Different team doing that board, there seems to be at 3504 coming soon with

Originally Posted by PeerlessGirl View Post


PState is better on the Retail bios, or the current beta?

Probably 3101, still not perfect though.

Originally Posted by BUFUMAN View Post

Please, and South bridge Spread Spectrum control.

This would be awesome.

Latest Bios works good here to.

Gesendet von meinem DUK-L09 mit Tapatalk

I'll see what's possible.
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Originally Posted by Moutsatsos View Post

The last couple of weeks i m getting something very strange.I encode videos overnight and when everything is done the cpu doesn't return to idle state meaning Vcore and core voltage and cpu temp are stuck as if under stress and fans are stuck at max speed. This has been happening in both 9920 and 1701.I am using p state oc 3975 off 0.05.
Yesterday I forgot to press the button to start encoding and in the morning i found the cpu stack at idle state voltage,when i tried to stress it it didn't apply any vdrop and the encoding instead of been 2-3 fps was 0.04 so it was actually encoding but not in the full potential of the cpu.
At first i thought it was stressing the cpu that caused the issue but after yesterday I assume it just happens after some time.
Power options under windows is: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Bios Settings: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
[2017/11/08 16:53:58]
Ai Overclock Tuner [Manual]
BCLK Frequency [100.0000]
BCLK_Divider [Auto]
Custom CPU Core Ratio [Auto]
> CPU Core Ratio [39.75]
Performance Bias [Auto]
Memory Frequency [DDR4-3466MHz]
Core Performance Boost [Disabled]
SMT Mode [Enabled]
EPU Power Saving Mode [Disabled]
TPU [Keep Current Settings]
CPU Core Voltage [Offset mode]
CPU Offset Mode Sign [+]
- CPU Core Voltage Offset [0.05000]
CPU SOC Voltage [Manual mode]
- VDDSOC Voltage Override [1.01250]
DRAM Voltage [1.40000]
1.8V PLL Voltage [1.80000]
1.05V SB Voltage [1.05000]
Target TDP [Auto]
TRC_EOM [Auto]
TWR_EOM [Auto]
Mem Over Clock Fail Count [2]
DRAM CAS# Latency [14]
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Read Delay [15]
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Write Delay [15]
DRAM RAS# PRE Time [15]
DRAM RAS# ACT Time [35]
Trc_SM [54]
TrrdS_SM [6]
TrrdL_SM [9]
Tfaw_SM [36]
TwtrS_SM [4]
TwtrL_SM [12]
Twr_SM [12]
Trcpage_SM [Auto]
TrdrdScl_SM [2]
TwrwrScl_SM [2]
Trfc_SM [333]
Trfc2_SM [Auto]
Trfc4_SM [Auto]
Tcwl_SM [14]
Trtp_SM [8]
Trdwr_SM [Auto]
Twrrd_SM [3]
TwrwrSc_SM [1]
TwrwrSd_SM [7]
TwrwrDd_SM [7]
TrdrdSc_SM [1]
TrdrdSd_SM [5]
TrdrdDd_SM [5]
Tcke_SM [6]
ProcODT_SM [60 ohm]
Cmd2T [1T]
Gear Down Mode [Enabled]
Power Down Enable [Disabled]
RttNom [Auto]
RttWr [Auto]
RttPark [Auto]
MemAddrCmdSetup_SM [Auto]
MemCsOdtSetup_SM [Auto]
MemCkeSetup_SM [Auto]
MemCadBusClkDrvStren_SM [Auto]
MemCadBusAddrCmdDrvStren_SM [Auto]
MemCadBusCsOdtDrvStren_SM [Auto]
MemCadBusCkeDrvStren_SM [Auto]
VTTDDR Voltage [Auto]
VPP_MEM Voltage [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA [Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB [Auto]
VDDP Voltage [Auto]
VDDP Standby Voltage [Auto]
1.8V Standby Voltage [Auto]
CPU 3.3v AUX [Auto]
2.5V SB Voltage [Auto]
DRAM R1 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R2 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R3 Tune [Auto]
DRAM R4 Tune [Auto]
PCIE Tune R1 [Auto]
PCIE Tune R2 [Auto]
PCIE Tune R3 [Auto]
PLL Tune R1 [Auto]
PLL reference voltage [Auto]
T Offset [Auto]
Sense MI Skew [Auto]
Sense MI Offset [Auto]
Promontory presence [Auto]
Clock Amplitude [Auto]
CPU Load-line Calibration [Level 1]
CPU Current Capability [140%]
CPU VRM Switching Frequency [Auto]
VRM Spread Spectrum [Disabled]
Active Frequency Mode [Disabled]
CPU Power Duty Control [Extreme]
CPU Power Phase Control [Optimized]
CPU Power Thermal Control [120]
VDDSOC Load-line Calibration [Auto]
VDDSOC Current Capability [Auto]
VDDSOC Switching Frequency [Auto]
VDDSOC Phase Control [Optimized]
DRAM Current Capability [130%]
DRAM Power Phase Control [Extreme]
DRAM Switching Frequency [Manual]
Fixed DRAM Switching Frequency(KHz) [400]
DRAM VBoot Voltage [1.40000]
Security Device Support [Enable]
TPM Device Selection [Discrete TPM]
Erase fTPM NV for factory reset [Enabled]
PSS Support [Enabled]
NX Mode [Enabled]
SVM Mode [Disabled]
SATA Port Enable [Enabled]
PT USB Equalization4 [Auto]
PT USB Redriver [Auto]
Onboard PCIE LAN PXE ROM [Enabled]
AMD CRB EHCI Debug port switch [Disabled]
Onboard LED [Enabled]
Hyper kit Mode [Disabled]
SATA Port Enable [Enabled]
SMART Self Test [Enabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
Hot Plug [Disabled]
ErP Ready [Disabled]
Restore On AC Power Loss [Power Off]
Power On By PCI-E/PCI [Disabled]
Power On By RTC [Disabled]
Super I/O Clock Skew [Auto]
HD Audio Controller [Enabled]
PCIEX4_3 Bandwidth [Auto]
PCIEX16_1 Mode [Auto]
PCIEX8_2 Mode [Auto]
PCIEX4_3 Mode [Auto]
M.2 Link Mode [Auto]
SB Link Mode [Auto]
Asmedia USB 3.1 Controller [Enabled]
RGB LED lighting [Enabled]
In sleep, hibernate and soft off states [On]
Intel LAN Controller [Disabled]
USB Type C Power Switch for USB3.1_E1 [Auto]
USB Type C Power Switch for USB3.1_EC2 [Auto]
Network Stack [Disabled]
Debug Port Table [Disabled]
Debug Port Table 2 [Disabled]
Device [Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series]
Legacy USB Support [Enabled]
XHCI Hand-off [Enabled]
USB Mass Storage Driver Support [Enabled]
Corsair Voyager 1100 [Auto]
USB3.1_E1 [Auto]
USB3_1 [Enabled]
USB3_2 [Enabled]
USB3_3 [Enabled]
USB3_4 [Enabled]
USB3_5 [Auto]
USB3_6 [Auto]
USB3_7 [Auto]
USB3_8 [Auto]
USB3_9 [Auto]
USB3_10 [Auto]
USB2_11 [Auto]
USB2_12 [Auto]
USB2_13 [Auto]
USB2_14 [Auto]
USB_15 [Auto]
USB_16 [Auto]
CPU Temperature [Monitor]
MotherBoard Temperature [Monitor]
VRM Temperature [Monitor]
PCH Temperature [Monitor]
T_Sensor1 Temperature [Monitor]
CPU Fan Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 1 Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 2 Speed [Monitor]
Chassis Fan 3 Speed [Monitor]
W_PUMP+ Speed [Monitor]
CPU Optional Fan Speed [Monitor]
AIO_PUMP Speed [Monitor]
W_FLOW Speed [Monitor]
W_IN Temperature [Monitor]
W_OUT Temperature [Monitor]
CPU Core Voltage [Monitor]
3.3V Voltage [Monitor]
5V Voltage [Monitor]
12V Voltage [Monitor]
CPU Q-Fan Control [Auto]
CPU Fan Smoothing Up/Down Time [0 sec]
CPU Fan Speed Lower Limit [200 RPM]
CPU Fan Profile [Manual]
CPU Upper Temperature [60]
CPU Fan Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
CPU Middle Temperature [50]
CPU Fan Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [80]
CPU Lower Temperature [40]
CPU Fan Min. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
W_PUMP+ Control [Disabled]
Chassis Fan 1 Q-Fan Control [Disabled]
Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Control [Auto]
Chassis Fan 2 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
Chassis Fan 2 Smoothing Up/Down Time [0 sec]
Chassis Fan 2 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Chassis Fan 2 Profile [Manual]
Chassis Fan 2 Upper Temperature [60]
Chassis Fan 2 Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
Chassis Fan 2 Middle Temperature [50]
Chassis Fan 2 Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [80]
Chassis Fan 2 Lower Temperature [40]
Chassis Fan 2 Min. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Control [Auto]
Chassis Fan 3 Q-Fan Source [CPU]
Chassis Fan 3 Smoothing Up/Down Time [0 sec]
Chassis Fan 3 Speed Low Limit [200 RPM]
Chassis Fan 3 Profile [Manual]
Chassis Fan 3 Upper Temperature [60]
Chassis Fan 3 Max. Duty Cycle (%) [100]
Chassis Fan 3 Middle Temperature [50]
Chassis Fan 3 Middle. Duty Cycle (%) [80]
Chassis Fan 3 Lower Temperature [40]
Chassis Fan 3 Min. Duty Cycle (%) [60]
OnChip SATA Channel [Auto]
OnChip SATA Type [AHCI]
USB3_1 [Enabled]
USB3_2 [Enabled]
USB3_3 [Enabled]
USB3_4 [Enabled]
IR Config [RX & TX0 Only]
SdForce18 Enable [Disabled]
SD Mode configuration [AMDA]
Uart 0 Enable [Enabled]
Uart 1 Enable [Enabled]
I2C 0 Enable [Enabled]
I2C 1 Enable [Enabled]
I2C 2 Enable [Disabled]
I2C 3 Enable [Disabled]
GPIO Devices Support [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 0 [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 1 [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 2 [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 3 [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 4 [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 5 [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 6 [Auto]
ESATA Port On Port 7 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 0 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 1 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 2 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 3 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 4 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 5 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 6 [Auto]
SATA Power On Port 7 [Auto]
SATA Port 0 MODE [Auto]
SATA Port 1 MODE [Auto]
SATA Port 2 MODE [Auto]
SATA Port 3 MODE [Auto]
SATA Port 4 MODE [Auto]
SATA Port 5 MODE [Auto]
SATA Port 6 MODE [Auto]
SATA Port 7 MODE [Auto]
SATA Hot-Removable Support [Auto]
SATA 6 AHCI Support [Auto]
Int. Clk Differential Spread [Auto]
SATA CLK Mode Option [Auto]
Aggressive Link PM Capability [Auto]
Port Multiplier Capability [Auto]
SATA Ports Auto Clock Control [Auto]
SATA Partial State Capability [Auto]
SATA FIS Based Switching [Auto]
SATA Command Completion Coalescing Support [Auto]
SATA Slumber State Capability [Auto]
SATA MSI Capability Support [Auto]
SATA Target Support 8 Devices [Auto]
Generic Mode [Auto]
SATA AHCI Enclosure [Auto]
SATA SGPIO 0 [Disabled]
SATA SGPIO 1 [Disabled]
AC/DC Change Message Delivery [Disabled]
TimerTick Tracking [Auto]
Clock Interrupt Tag [Enabled]
EHCI Traffic Handling [Disabled]
Fusion Message C Multi-Core [Disabled]
Fusion Message C State [Disabled]
SPI Read Mode [Auto]
SPI 100MHz Support [Auto]
SPI Normal Speed [Auto]
SPI Fast Read Speed [Auto]
SPI Burst Write [Auto]
I2C 0 D3 Support [Auto]
I2C 1 D3 Support [Auto]
I2C 2 D3 Support [Auto]
I2C 3 D3 Support [Auto]
UART 0 D3 Support [Auto]
UART 1 D3 Support [Auto]
SATA D3 Support [Auto]
EHCI D3 Support [Auto]
XHCI D3 Support [Auto]
SD D3 Support [Auto]
S0I3 [Auto]
Chipset Power Saving Features [Enabled]
SB Clock Spread Spectrum [Auto]
SB Clock Spread Spectrum Option [-0.375%]
HPET In SB [Auto]
MsiDis in HPET [Auto]
_OSC For PCI0 [Auto]
USB Phy Power Down [Auto]
PCIB_CLK_Stop Override [0]
USB MSI Option [Auto]
LPC MSI Option [Auto]
PCIBridge MSI Option [Auto]
AB MSI Option [Auto]
SB C1E Support [Auto]
SB Hardware Reduced Support [Auto]
GPP Serial Debug Bus Enable [Auto]
IOMMU [Auto]
Remote Display Feature [Auto]
Gnb Hd Audio [Auto]
PSPP Policy [Auto]
Memory Clock [Auto]
Bank Interleaving [Enabled]
Channel Interleaving [Enabled]
Memory Clear [Disabled]
Fast Boot [Enabled]
Next Boot after AC Power Loss [Normal Boot]
Boot Logo Display [Auto]
POST Delay Time [3 sec]
Boot up NumLock State [Enabled]
Wait For 'F1' If Error [Enabled]
Option ROM Messages [Enabled]
Interrupt 19 Capture [Disabled]
Setup Mode [Advanced Mode]
Launch CSM [Disabled]
OS Type [Other OS]
Setup Animator [Disabled]
Load from Profile [3]
Profile Name [3975 3466 14]
Save to Profile [1]
CPU Core Voltage [Auto]
VDDSOC Voltage [Auto]
1.8V PLL Voltage [Auto]
BCLK Frequency [Auto]
CPU Ratio [Auto]
Bus Interface [PCIEX16/X8_1]
Monitoring with HWinfo.
The pc doesn't go to sleep mode.
Bios reset doesn't fix that.
No creator updates no updates or changes in general.
I m just wondering if anyone else is having this issue and what could cause it.

Just a bump and a conclusion,
It was the P-State OC causing the issue.
If i just enable pstates and leave them at auto it doesn't happen.

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Hard Drive
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Hard Drive
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Hard Drive
Seagate Baracuda
Power Supply
evga 750 g2
NZXT Kraken X62
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Benq XL2420Z
Logitech G15
Logitech Proteus Core
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Definitely BIOS 3101 works better than previous ones.
My previous 3200 timings were completely stable, and now I can get stable 3333mhz and even 3600 (if I put 1.46V on the ram, thing that I don't know if it's safe, can anyone tell me?).
But on 3466 seems to be a hole, can't get it to boot without BSOD or freeze even with 3600 timmings and vcore.

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Originally Posted by Albert1007 View Post

Definitely BIOS 3101 works better than previous ones.
My previous 3200 timings were completely stable, and now I can get stable 3333mhz and even 3600 (if I put 1.46V on the ram, thing that I don't know if it's safe, can anyone tell me?).
But on 3466 seems to be a hole, can't get it to boot without BSOD or freeze even with 3600 timmings and vcore.

In general for both Samsung B-Die and Hynix I believe the maximum recommended is 1.5v (which is also the maximum voltage XMP certification allows) so you should be ok at 1.46v smile.gif I got mine at 3466 with CL15 timings at 1.45v currently
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Originally Posted by ressonantia View Post

How are you measuring this? Are you using a multimeter and then checking what HWinFO reports? Or are you going purely by what you've set in BIOS and then checking what HWinFO reports? My motherboard seems to droop up to 60mV when going from idle to load even with LLC3 and I'm wondering if this is sensor related.

Im going by the Good vrm sensor SVI2 TFN that reads actual voltage and is accurate. Gives good readout of what is going in to cpu. Motherboard sensors ?? Not been looking at those last few months they are useles for voltage readout. TOTALY USELES in my case just have em on HWinfo for fun biggrin.gif
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@elmor I had a play with new toy Yesterday and:
1. Flashed with no problems Flashback just to clear up as much of 1.0.7 as possible with batery out ect. Booted no problem
2. I'm sure it reboots faster than older bioses
3. Quick copy of my 100% stable setings from 3008 and they are working and seem to score MORE like everywhere.
4. Overclocked using Pstate as I'w been doing since ages no problems there downclocks ect. System feels somehow more responsive.

Bad bits ?? On this bios cant boot up with 3733 no matter what settings I'm using. But on the other hand only on 3008 it booted up and loaded in to windows. And thats about it.

Even my nr1 issu with C6H aka FANNNNN set itself up in a good way just after ONE round of auto fan setting in bios.

All in all for what I'd consider early beta bios this looks very VERY Promissing !!!

BTW any news on EC310 update ?? Dunno if i should play around and get EC312 flashed if nothing out and about.
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Originally Posted by PeerlessGirl View Post

I JUST got my hands on a set of the new 3200 "Ryzen Specific" Samsung B TridentZ RGB. So far it's set D.O.C.P. standard, set a bunch of timings and PLL/CLOVDDP on it's own, and didn't do the 3 try fail-boot I'm used to with my 3600 RAM. running solid at 14-14-14-14-34-50 1T @ 1.35v. I'll be running tests over the next few days.

I'd like to get my hands on one of those but I'm waiting for samsungs 10nm DDR4 kits before next upgrade smile.gif

Some of You can remember LEGENDARY Samsing GREEN kits smile.gif

I picked those up slammed ebay alloy heatsinks on and had em running @ 2400mhz 11-11-11 for few eyars.
Hoping thhose 10nm ones will be as epic smile.gif
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Which bios is stable for Ram 3600Mhz? I tried here bios 1701 3008 3101 or even one of them does not work. Any advice and help would fit.

R7 1700
G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16GB DDR4 3600MHz (F4-3600C16D-16GTZR)
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Originally Posted by 1usmus View Post

in the AGESA code I found many new technologies

such as XFR 2.0 with options : Socket PPT Limit , TDC_VDDCR_VDD, TDC_VDDCR_SOC, EDC_VDDCR_VDD, EDC_VDDCR_SOC

Intelligent Overclocking Scalar Control

and support for overclocking the RAM to 4 GHz, guaranteed frequencies will increase by 2 steps. A lot of attention is paid to the frequency of 3733

The rest of the functions so far I will keep in secret smile.gif

Good to know that biggrin.gif
THX, and thanks for great Soft wink.gif

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SB-Zx Gamer ED, PCIe Gold Plated with Nichicon “Fine Gold” Japan-Plati Capacitors Mod (Hardware DTS™ & DolbyDigital™ )
Custom PyramiD™ 5.1 Woofer & Amplituner >300W + SB-Zx
Magnat Vector 2 - POW: 80W / 120W
Magnat Monitor Supreme 102 - POW: 60W / 120W
Jamo Pj 6000b - POW: 70W / 100W
Cables: Ultra Hi EFI PlaTinuum (B&R Pure Copper CU w/Silver 3.5mm)
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Bios5 , profiles to usb

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