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ROG Crosshair VI overclocking thread

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What it looks for me recording it during a game.

Does anyone have a clue what hard pagefault count is?
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Does anyone get better results running DRAM Frequency Switcher at 500khz instead of 300? or stability at all? would it increase ram temps?
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Quote: Originally Posted by xAD3r1ty View Post
Does anyone get better results running DRAM Frequency Switcher at 500khz instead of 300? or stability at all? would it increase ram temps?
I suppose it could help with stability as the supply voltage transitions could, potentially, be smoother, but I doubt it'd make much difference except make the VRM run a little hotter.
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Looks like we will get refreshes for ZEN2 CPU's and CH6 might live on with these.

PC specs:
CPU: AMD RYZEN 3900X (@ 1.35V)
RAM: 32 GB 4266Mhz (two 2x8 kits) of trident Z RGB @3600Mhz CL 14 CR=1T
GFX: GTX 1080Ti MSI Gaming X
Cooler: NXZT Kraken X62 280mm AIO
Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB M.2+6GB WD 6Gb red
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To be honstly that not what we all hope for here.

Ryzen 4000 is what I wish Crosshair VI could support.

Please AMD. Please Stilt, please Shamano, please 1usmus.

Does we have any hope for this to happen?

If this will not happen, so I am definetly not the person who will rush to sell my board for something like b550 or x570.
I will probably just buy for me some 3900x instead rather than completely swap whole system.

Or most probably skip any upgrade at all as a symbolic protest action.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Brko View Post
Of course. C6H will have Zen3 support.
At the end, it will be all-around story with AM4 socket "all boards supports all generations" but with limited support. Eg. Boards witj 128Mb (16MB) BIOS chips shall be trimmed to Zen2 and Zen3 support with "Zen3" Beta BIOS.

But afterwards, AMD will never again make such a promise like it did for AM4 back in 2016. From Zen4 and further, we can expect maximum 2 generations per chipset (still 100% more than on Team Blue) or n+1 of what Team Blue decide to do.

Crosshair VI Hero is, IMHO, No.1 X370 board in terms of community and popularity. If any board of 300-series chipset should/will get Zen3 support, C6H is the one.

So just relax and enjoy. We still have 5-6 months before Zen3 (some say late 2020, some say september 2020) launch and certainly 2-3 weeks more for AMD and MBO makers polish beta BIOSes for older-than-5x0-boards.


Amen / \ / \ / \
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Quote: Originally Posted by akira2080 View Post
Amen / \ / \ / \
Amen / \ / \ / \

Ryzen 1700 - 4,0 Ghz @1,31 (IBT-avx load) + ram @3466 14-13-13-13-22-36-1t
(20 items)
Ryzen 7 1700 @4.1+ Ghz
ASUS Crosshair VI Hero
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Hard Drive
Samsung 850 Pro 256 GB
Hard Drive
Samsung 850 Evo 512 GB
Hard Drive
WD Caviar Black 500 Gb
Hard Drive
WD Caviar Black 1TB
Hard Drive
Power Supply
Corsair Hx1000i
Alphacool 480 UT60 with Eisblock XPX
NOX Hummer
Operating System
WIN 10 x64 RS3
ASUS MG278Q Freesync
Coolermaster MECH
Logitech G502
Integrated Motherboard
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3900x ordered.

Shops started stocks clearing with a very good offers!

Can't wait to test it. Lastly.

Was out of the forum for a while. Can anyone tell me which last BIOS was good for 3900x?
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Quote: Originally Posted by CubanB View Post
I was confident 12 months ago, this time less so. I'm going to use this board into the future regardless, even as a second PC or hand me down. But I always hoped for 4000 series compatibility. Just for flexibility and options, buying used.. replacing a failed CPU etc. I'm faced with a few options going forwards..

1 - Ride it out with this board and purchase nothing.

2 - Purchase X470 Taichi and hope for compatibility with 4000 series.. (Asrock isn't very good with BIOS, slow updates, not a large community of users etc). Just because AMD says it can support it, doesn't mean they will do a good job.

3 - Wait for B550 and get whichever model.. the benefit if compability for PCIe 4.0, if the GPU's ever catch up enough to take advantage of it. But specs are currently unknown outside of some basic pics. And the price for high end B550 will be higher than most expect in my opinion. I don't believe they will be very "budget".

T-Topology is a factor here as I like running 4 sticks for maximum capacity, plus I already own the sticks. This board and the Taichi both are T-Topology.. the B550 boards are currently unknown.

What do you guys think? I've read the last page or two and there's varying opinions. The X470 Taichi is a current option because I can get it cheap (locally), and that's probably a temporary situation.. in other words, I need to purchase it soon.. or not at all.

Feels like a roll of the dice no matter what you do. It's hard to predict the AMD/Asus situation when it comes to support. Even if there is support, how buggy could it be? Very likely IMO. I've seen it said that AMD will block support for X370, even if board makers find loopholes, and it seems ASUS isn't even that willing in the first place? But in the last 12 months, A320 board was able to run 3950X without AMD blocking it? This whole complicated mess is pretty annoying.

I do believe this board SHOULD get support, because hardware wise.. it's probably the most capable of the entire lineup, and it also has USB Flashback. It's pretty much a X470 CHVII. But who knows?

I do the simplest calculation for you. As I am from Europe ,sorry it will be in Euro. But you will get the picture I guess.

Skip to TL;DR to awoid longlasting ,boring calculation from some random dude..

You take the blue pill..

Let say you would like to go for the budget available x570 motherboard.

From what I have been found you should look at Asus Prime X570-P as something more or less afordable in terms of VRM.

It will cost you around 190 Eur.

Let say you could sell your Crosshair VI for around 120-130 Eur on second hand market.

By doing so you are sellng better quality board with better everything and it actually looking like downgrade to me.

Downgrade for extra 60 Eur.

Just to be able to use what?

Let say you want to buy 4700X. This probably will give some 15-20% advantage in games vs 3700X. Because of increased IPC and other.

It will start selling at around 380 Eur or even greater if there will be no competittor from Intel.

It means you need around 380 Eur for 4700X + 60 Eur for cheapest but affordable Mobo which results in min 440 EUR!!

+ hustle of swaping whole system.

You take the red pill...

You keep your perfetly builded ,well designed with awesome VRM Crosshair VI Hero.

And just keep looking how shops will start to clear stocks on 3700X ,3800x or 3900x.

They allready started at least here in Europe.

For the same 420 Eur which you want spend by buying budget low x570+ryzen 4700x somewhere in future you could buy allready right now, right here the beast named Ryzen 3900x. Or even you can save around 150 Eur and buy Ryzen 3700x.

Also you will keep your favorite and Top-tier motherboard.

And obviously 3900x will be faster in any application against 4700X.

I am not so sure about the games. Probably increased IPC will give better results with 4700X ,but I do not think that someone except Cybersportist will feel any different between 150 FPS and 165 FPS.

Let be real.
IPC increase is just a marketing, good marketing from AMD.

I do not want you guys just become blind by Marketing Team. Keep Calm. Keep your Crosshair. Buy ryzen 3000 and wait till DDR5 platforms will appear. Also skip first generation of products which support DDR5 because it always hustle(first adopters = free beta testers) and extra money.


Skip 1st nextgen of DDR5(AM5) or even second gen of DDR5(AM5) with your top tier Crosshair VI + Ryzen 3000(3700X and higher will be more than enough for most if not all of us)

Buying mobo for only 1 gen is not how AMD user should act.

Definetly not.

If you still think to buy something for only one-two gens you should watch for new and shiny INTEL platforms.

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I have a very similar plan. Sure as hell will not get rid of my flagship X370 board for some midrange X570, X670 or B550 board.

If C6H will support Zen3 - l'll go with Zen3 (l had all 3 generations of Ryzen on it so far).
If C6H will NOT support Zen3 - l'll go max out with Zen2 (R9 3900X or even 3950X - some rumors about Zen2 refreshes XT but l'm finding that less likely).

But, still optimistic in forecast that we will run Zen3 on C6H either way - official or unofficial (modding scene).

And to conclude - will NOT sell C6H for peanuts, but also never again will buy Assus flagship board...ever.

(17 items)
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3400MHz @ 4200 MHz
ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW Gaming ACX 3.0
G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 2x8GB DDR4-3200 F4-3200C14D-16GTZR
Hard Drive
Hard Drive
Hard Drive
WD Black 500GB SATA2 WD5001AALS
Hard Drive
Hard Drive
Optical Drive
Power Supply
SEASONIC X-750 (SS-750KM3) 750W 80+Gold Modular
THERMALRIGHT Venomous X Black w/ NOCTUA NF-F12 PWM 120mm Fan
FRACTAL DESIGN Define R5 Blackout Edition Midi Tower w/ window panel
Operating System
MICROSOFT Windows 10 Pro x64
DELL UltraSharp U2715H 27" LCD @ 2560x1440
LOGITECH Multimedia ST-3365
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Bios5 , profiles to usb

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