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(Gigabyte X570 AORUS Owners Thread)

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It would be nice when Gigabyte would allow us to use a wider range of step-up/step-down fan time in BIOS to compensate for the short temperature spikes.
The current options (1/2/3 sec time interval) are not sufficient.

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Quote: Originally Posted by daddyfatsax View Post
I have been doing that, but for some reason it never saves in the bios. If I ever get a bios reset and have to load my profile, all my other values are there except for the fan profile I made. It is annoying, so if I forget I have to use the SIV software in windows.
I thought so too at first, but it actually does work for the fan profiles as well, you just have to reboot after loading the profile, then it will be there.
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Quote: Originally Posted by h2on0 View Post
F6a. Aorus Pro Wifi. 3700x. 2070 super. G.skill trident z 2x8 F4-3600C15D-16GTZ. https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16820232306. The link is for the ram(It is not on the QVL, so that's my fault). I tried F4 and F5 and I couldn't get the ram stable with decent timings at 3200, 3400, 3600. Both bios' 4 and 5 would only run at 2133. Finally, with this beta(or alpha) I am at 3600 cl16, but very loose. I feel I that I can start actually tweeking on this set, that at first I thought sucked but now I think I will actually be able to get humming. I am actually kinda bummed I didn't up sell myself on the master. I miss having a reset button and a power off on the motherboard. when I need to reset the cmos I have to pull the battery so I have my video card right above my power supply, not ideal. The jumpers don't work for me, or maybe, more likely a fail on may part. So far I am really enjoying this set up Metro Exodus is beautiful.
I have exactly the same ram at elite.
No problem with F4 running them at 3660mhz at 16-15-15-1T, so nothing to do with QVL etc.
Also no problem with resetting the pc when the settings are too much for the system. Just unplugging the power cord, waiting 5 sec, connect the cable again and reboot. The bios is going back at the default settings and it's up to me to find the problematic setting and continue.

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hello guys, I have a x570itx and I have 2 problems, the wifi that suddenly loses its signal and second my 3600 cl 17-19-19-39 kit does not work beyond 3200 cl 14, I look for a kit to hold at 3600/3766 in so as to exploit the entire IF band. thanks
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I have a 3800x with 101 bus Speed max frequency 4620mhz, I'm trying various things on voltages and llc
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Quote: Originally Posted by TrainXIII View Post
After updating to Bios F6a I've been constantly getting Blue screen of death and windows crashing. I'm using the Ryzen 3600 on X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI board. I have everything default except XMP Profile on. The BSOD code i'm getting is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. anyone else have this issue? It's fine on F4 bios and prior bios versions.

Disable PBO , same as my config aorus ultra mb crashing
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Random (not in the slightest, but..) musings;

This is a forum for the kind of people that go to extremes for marginal improvements one would probaly not be able to experience outside synthetic tests. Regardless, here we all are; self included.
A forum for "enthusiasts"! Such as you reading this now, or you, having issues such as the ones i keep reading about, have been reading about, for over a decade now. "Enthusiasts" nonetheless.

And yet..
- No dedicated fan controller; i guess 180euro, hell, 59euro for the cheaper version (Aquaero) is too much, right? More so considering you only buy it once? But spending twice the money on fans (because they have RGB), extra money on RGB controllers, bubble effects and glass panels? Sure, anytime! Wasting 3, 4 or 5 grand on a system that will be obsolete this time next year? Anytime! But heaven forbid you do a one time purchase of 179,9. Smart huh.
- No dedicated sound solution; even though again, it can be a one time purchase (if, say, external. Plus, it will sound better than anything your mobo has plastered on it); and for cheap too! But no, let us be stingy, let us all depend on whatever is bundled because hey, cheaper! But are we not "enthusiasts"!? Oh yessiree, are we not. RGB pwnag3!!!1
- wifi.. we spend thousands upon thousands of dollars/euros per build, but we have yet to sort out our house, so each room can have a dedicated plug! Just one! It doesn't cost a lot, it's an investment (can't escape the net anymore can you), it's (again) a once in a lifetime kind of thing, sorting your plugs, and one we can do on our own! But do we? Nope.. even though we know nothing will ever beat the cable, we stick to wifi; and aaaaall the issues that may stem from it, in quality of service, in security, in setting things up. Because you guessed it, "enthusiasts"!

I could go on.
In short however, let me simply conclude by stating that had you done your part/invested your money the smart, long-run kind of way? The vast majority of you would not have had a single issue. You wouldn't even have needed to post here.
Yet here you are.

Food for thought.
* it's like a certain famous poster here, doing crazy radiator setups, wasting thousands of bucks per single build, but refusing to buy an A/C unit. They live in a proper tropical climate. Whole house like an oven, but instead of a onetime A/C purchase? Multiple rads; per build. I can live with a 20C temp delta, even 25.. because i invested in an A/C. Once. Due to their conditions however, that they refuse to amelliorate, they cannot go above a 5c delta; their crazy ambients.. hence the inordinate amounts of money for multiple rads. Sense? None. Also an "enthusiast" however.

Pride, honour and purity.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Roboionator View Post
Is there a trick that shows ssd in safely remove hardware and one ssd show like SDXC partition!
x570 master F7a

I'm not sure what the 2nd part of your question is but in order to get your sata ssds to show up in safely remove hardware you will need to go into your bios and look for " sata hot plug" or "sata hot swap" and set to enable. It should be on the Settings tab in the bios.
some people had complained because a couple earlier bios versions had that turned on by default.

What that setting does is allows you to hot swap your sata devices with windows running. (however, you can't remove boot drive)

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Originally Posted by Hyralak
So I have an issue that was not present in the F5 (or earlier) bios's. After flashing to F6 or F7 bios I can load optimized defaults, set XMP, disable SVM save and boot into Win 10. But if i reboot or shutdown I get an error to reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media etc etc etc. I can reboot enter the bios and see my drives are still showing up (2X ADATA SX8200PNP ), boot order is unchanged, but when I exit the bios I am unable to boot windows due to missing boot device.
If I reflash an F6 or F7 I can once again boot into windows ONE time only. A reboot brings up select proper boot device again. I went back to F5 and no issues finding boot device after reboots. I have also tried clearing CMOS to start fresh it made no difference with the F6 or F7 bios.
Fast start up is OFF in the bios and win10.
Aorus Master

Any suggestions?
Couple of things....Why are you using "load optimized defaults"? It takes like 60 seconds in Advanced bios mode to configure your options like you like them--the idea is that your own settings will be superior to optimized defaults. Also, SVM is turned off by default in the bios. To properly boot into Win10, when you are in the bios, make sure that CSM is disabled. It's not critical that secure boot be enabled, but if you only boot into Windows10 from the same boot drive, and you value security to any degree, you'll want to come back into the bios later and turn secure boot on. OK, if and when you boot into Windows10, you will want to pull up Windows 10's Computer Management/Storage/Disk Management application, and look at your boot drive to make sure that it is properly configured by Windows to be your boot drive.

Before that, when the system is posting you can hit F12 a few times to bring up the boot menu--and you can boot from any drive there provided it is a bootable drive--but if you have more than a single bootable drive you will not want to enable secure boot, in most cases.

If you guys are using more than a single OS boot drive you likely want to find a good Boot Manager somewhere to run inside your Windows partition (Bing/Google Boot Manager and take your pick). Easier and less cumbersome, however, to use F12 and simply select your boot device, though.

In all cases, remember that the root partition on any drive you want to boot to must itself be bootable, otherwise you'll see the dreaded "No OS detected" error messages every time.

I used to boot from multiple drives years ago, but I'm sure I may have left something out, here, as I haven't done it a long time. Hope this might help.

Windows10x64 v1903, build 18362.10022, 19.9.2 Adrenalins, Aorus Master x570 UEFI bios F7a, Corsair HX-850 PSU (72a x1 12v rail), Ryzen 5 3600X @ 3.8GHz & boost, all cores @ def v, Stock AMD cooler, 2x8GB, Patriot Viper Elite PV416G320C6K @ XMP 3733MHz 18 20 20 42 1T, LG MultiDrive DVD writer SATA, Boot: Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB, 2x 1TB WD Blue 7200 rpm, ST2000DM S3 2TB, ST4000DM004 S3 4TB, BenQ EW-3270U 4k, HDR10 monitor, AMD 50th Anniv. 5700XT 8GB GDDR6
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Hi all, I have x570 Aorus Master. I have a question about m.2. My old setup was NVMe m.2 in M2A_socket and SATA m.2 in M2B_socket. Now I also purchased an Aorus PCIe 4.0 NVMe, which I want to use as the main boot drive. Is it ok to install it in the lower M2C_socket or should I rearrange and use M2A? I know it will disable 2 sata connectors, but that doesn't bother me. Will I lose in speeds if using the chipset integrated socket and not the cpu one?
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