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Originally Posted by un-nefer View Post
IS it a permanent install? The benefit of erraser is that you can remove it fairly easily and the motherboard still looks like new after it is removed (for rma or resale etc) - how hard is dragonskin to remove completely?

Of it is permanent install, then how is it of more benefit to cheap 2-part epoxy resin?

Noting that epoxy resin is cheaper, it dries clear and it can be applied just as easily.
have you ever used special effects makeup for halloween? i remember there use to be this Stretchy Silicone Rubber that came in a tube that you applied to your face and when it dried it came off like rubber in one piece. well this is what Hollywood uses, or people doing special effects in movies, makeup artists. you mix the 2 parts, apply it to the board.... leave it on for as long as you want and when you want to remove it, you just peel it up and it comes off in one giant piece... ya eraser is nice and still could be used, but this would work better....
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