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[Official] +2GHz Overclock Club
Welcome to the 2Ghz+ Overclock Club, thsi club is for adventurous and extreme members of OCN that have pushed their CPU to 2GHz above stock operating speed. If you have successfully been accepted into this club, you are also allowed  for the 1GHz Overclock Club, and possibly the 5/6Ghz Overclock Club.

To join, all you need to post a link to your CPU Z validation, you must have validated under your OCN username. See the Animated-GIF below for details and instructions. While I would probably accept BillyBob-PC if the OCN User Name was BillyBob, BillsPC would not be accepted. Also, starting January 1, 2011 your CPU-Z Validation must be one that states it is ACCEPTED, If it states REJECTED and/or NOT VALIDATED it will not be accepted. That means that you will need to be using a current version of CPU-Z and might need to run it in compatibility mode if you are running Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Screen Shots are NOT acceptable nor are links to HWBOt or other pages where the CPU-Z Validation Link is located. The ACTUAL and DIRECT CPU-Z Validation Link must be in your submission post. No exceptions.

This club is meant for absolute max overclock. Suicide runs are the norm and stability isn't a requirement. As long as you can get Windows to load and run long enough to grab the required CPU-Z validation, it's stable enough for this club. If you have to disable HyperThreading (HT) or disable one or more cores to get there, do it. It's all about getting that 2GHz above stock OC.
(There is no excuse for a Rejected validation with an Intel chip, but considering CPUZ has long had issues with AMD, rejected AMD validations will be accepted, until I am advised by top overclockers that this situation no longer applies.)

This spreadsheet has 2 tabs, one for the highest percentage increase from stock speed, and one for highest OC. If I do not include you in the update after your post, then please PM me, I will sort it out as soon as possible.


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