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Originally Posted by TwoCables;11657007 
I am fully aware that the driver versions prior to 260.89 do not support the GTS 450, but I've seen others on here in the past using custom drivers for older cards, so I had to wonder if perhaps there was something else you were using prior to 260.89 and 260.99 that alllowed Maya to work just fine with the GTS 450.

But now I understand that ever since acquiring the GTS 450, Maya has not worked properly. So therefore, I think we should assume that it may require NVIDIA to release a new driver.

Sorry if the red text seemed offensive haha, I just copied and pasted it from my other post, no intent to suggest you wouldn't know that about the 450's.

I've submitted an error report to Nvidia about the problem, and posted in their forum with the list of affected video cards. Hopefully something will be done :/

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