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Originally Posted by _craven_;11666580 
Hi, I just bought 3 Acer GD245HQ 1920x1080 120Hz LCD + Nvidia 3D Vision Kit. I'm moving from ATI HD4870x2 to Nvidia. I need help deciding which setup should I get. Is it better to do GTX 570 3-Way SLI or GTX 580 SLI or maybe GTX 580 3-Way SLI? I know the GTX 580 3-Way SLI will be a lot more expensive. Right now my spec is wrote below but soon to upgrade to sandy Bridge when it's available mid Jan'11 and upgrade my PSU to Corsair AX1200.

Thank you biggrin.gif

3D = Twice the information so in reality its as if your GPU is trying to feed 6 monitors. Go with a dual 580 setup, 3 if you can.

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