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Originally Posted by Theory;12393862 
I looked for the HX450 and found some pictures but no specs, I later found out that corsair discontinued it and made the VX450W, I don't know why...

I know why they discontinued it, they didn't sell well (it was a bit expensive for what people generally expect from a 450w PSU). They told it to me when I e-mailed them a question about mine (if it could handle a Radeon HD5850 - to which they said it could without a problem) last year as the site already said it was only sold in limited areas of the world.

Anyway, this is a great PSU which is 80 Plus Bronze, which can very well compete with 550w PSU's which are not as good. But as we all know, a higher number always sounds nicer, and even people who know a bit about PSU's don't want to take risks or just don't know if the PSU can actually deliver the advertised wattage. For the connoisseurs, however, this is a great PSU that actually can deliver more than 450w - up to 550w (although it performs below 80 Plus Bronze that way).

I originally had an E8400, a factory overclocked 8800GT (Gigabyte Turboforce Edition) and a single HDD. I've since upgraded to a Q9550, overclocked it to 3.2Ghz (8x 400 FSB), replaced the 8800GT with a GTX 460 1GB, and added a second HDD.

What can I say ? This PSU is ideal for a midrange build!

Count me in!

Oh, and my PSU has a 7 year warranty, and so do all other current HX models, except for the HX1000 (edit: also the discontinued HX52w and 620w), which is only 80 Plus certified - only that one has a 5 year warranty. (the HX450 and HX650 are 80Plus Bronze and the HX750 and HX850 are 80Plus Silver). You need to correct that information on the first post.





Here are the specs:


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