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Originally Posted by Boyboyd;12837492 
You can and it's preferable. You shouldn't need to use that script. That script is for CPUs with fewer than 8 threads available.

Just download the native linux SMP client into linux, configure it, and go.

Great...going to work on it this weekend (with help from my son, a linux expert). I pretty much fold 24x7 on my rig for the Team Comp. Getting over 62k ppd now, but someone on another team with a 970 just went over and dropped his tpf about 10%, and is getting est 75k ppd now. I want!!

Oh, would folding in linux impact my OC? Assume that's mostly HW...but there might be an impact on memory, temp, etc. Might I get a better OC in Linux or doesn't it matter?

As a side question (not sure if anyone here knows), if I am working a -bigadv wu in linux....then want/need to go to windows..can I move the wu over and fold on it in windows, and then move it back? Wonder if that would cause an issue with bonus points, etc?


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