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Originally Posted by sstnt;12838030 
Great...going to work on it this weekend (with help from my son, a linux expert). I pretty much fold 24x7 on my rig for the Team Comp. Getting over 62k ppd now, but someone on another team with a 970 just went over and dropped his tpf about 10%, and is getting est 75k ppd now. I want!!

Oh, would folding in linux impact my OC? Assume that's mostly HW...but there might be an impact on memory, temp, etc. Might I get a better OC in Linux or doesn't it matter?

As a side question (not sure if anyone here knows), if I am working a -bigadv wu in linux....then want/need to go to windows..can I move the wu over and fold on it in windows, and then move it back? Wonder if that would cause an issue with bonus points, etc?

Since it would be using different cores it would most likely crash.

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