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GPU Detection - Those using Fermi with non Fermi cards be warned it is buggy and may not work properly.
If you want to use the new client, keep your GPU2 clients on hand, more info on the problem here.

This guide is to setup the v7 client from scratch using the GPU method.
If you already installed it using the SMP mode and wish to add GPUs go to the 2nd post (here) for a small explanation on how to add more folding slots.

What you need....

1. V7 client, download links.

2. [[B][COLOR=red]OUTDATED[/COLOR][/B]] HFM - Optional but highly recommended. - Guide
(Direct download)

3. A CUDA supported nVidia GPU (8000 series or newer), with the latest drivers.
An AMD 5 series GPU or newer, with Catalyst 11.1 or newer.

Basic GPU setup

How to video here.

1) Run the install file for the Folding client.

When prompted, choose "Custom install" then select "Install just for me"


2) Now, install the client to the default location, but in the next option save the Data Folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\FAHClient\Data


A warning will appear, just ignore it and click Ok.


3) Following screen select Next and leave everything at the default recommended settings.


4) Next, you reach the initial configuration screen. Enter the following:

• Donor: OCNChimpin (Check here to see if your preferred name is in use.)
• Team: 37726
• Passkey: Leave blank
• Preferred Mode: GPU


5) You are now done installing the clients and now folding! thumb.gif
All your GPUs will be automatically added


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