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Extra Information

How to get the new Fahcore16 - Advance/Expert mode required
ATI/AMD 5xxx & 6xxx series only!

Doing this does not stop old core11 units from downloading and folding, it only gives you access to the new units.

If in the middle of a work unit, right-click finish then wait for it to complete.
Once it is finished, then follow the instructions

1) Click the "Configure" button in the top left, and go to the slots tab.

2) Highlight the "gpu" slot, and click "Edit"


3) At the bottom, under "Extra slot options (expert only), click "Add". Enter the following:

Name: client-type
Value: advanced


4) Restart your folding slot by right-clicking it and choosing "Fold".

Advance & Expert mode
This will show you more info on your clients, including PPD. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
1) In the dropdown box change Novice to Expert.


2) For detailed information on the client go here. (will be updated)


Top Menu Bar Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Configure & Prefrences - Advanced options (A guide will be posted soon)

Applies to all clients
Fold - Resume/starts all clients
Pause - Pauses all clients
Finish - Will complete all units then pause all clients

Viewer - 3d rendering (may lower performance & PPD)

Hide & Quit - Hide will minimize to systray and Quit will exit the client.
Closing it by clicking the [X] in the top right corner will also minimize it to the systray.

How to remove and add new GPU clients
Must be in Advanced or Expert mode Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

1) Go to Configure in top left.


2) In the tabs, select Slots.


3.a) Highlight the client you wish to delete and click Remove.
(To add a client jump to next step)


3.b) Click the Add button.


3.c) Select the third option marked GPU and leave the ID -1 for automatic detection.


4.) Press Ok then Save, till you are back till the main window.
How to video

v7 Folding Beta Client Guides
GPU Folding - CPU Folding - Folding Flags

v6 Folding Client Guides
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