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Ryzen 3000 Memory / Fabric (X370/X470/X570)

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@elmor Deffo need sobe fixed up bios for C7H from You. Before I get back playing need to check if i set all core in bios and play around with voltage offset i can get cpu to downclock on this bios. So far got 3800cl16 1:1 with geardown on working around 65ns. Passed memtest and stresstest.
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Quote: Originally Posted by finalheaven View Post
Actually this is the reason I am waiting to see if the 3950X beats all the other 4000 series chips. Advantage of lower latency + higher boost clocks + write speed. I am guessing that the fabric overclock will not matter much at around 3600 1:1 anyways.

It looks like every fabric overclock counts. It's best to push as far as you can. 2CCD cpu's has one more advantage if i understand correctly. You don't need 1:1 if you overclock your ram. Let's say 1800 fabric, 4000mhz ram is better than 1800 fabric 3600mhz ram for 2 ccd cpus.
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A bit off topic. This RAM was just 125$ a few days ago.


Not sure wutsup. It is showing available at 184$ and at other times Back order for 114$.

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5.0 @ 8 http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2511322
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Quote: Originally Posted by rdr09 View Post
A bit off topic. This RAM was just 125$ a few days ago.


Not sure wutsup. It is showing available at 184$ and at other times Back order for 114$.

You will see here when it's on Backorder, a different merchant shows up as the seller that actually has it in stock (scrolling all the way down). The $114 is shipped+sold by Newegg (right now on Backorder so it's not the primary sale, but can still buy it. When it comes in stock, will ship). The one for $184 is from a 3rd party seller in-stock.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Maracus View Post
Good effort! I have my 3900x coming in a couple days and wondering how my x470 Gaming 7 (t-topology) will handle 4x8GB (3600C16D-16GVK), also Looking forward to tweaking sub timing to see how far I can get the latency down. I will probably try it out with stock cooler to begin with then throw the custom cooling I have ready for it on once im sure this board will behave itself.

Also anyone tried BLCK overclock? Think on my 2700x I only managed a 100mhz OC before the NvMe drive started to **** the bed.
Thanks , all the best with your new purchase & enjoy .

100MHz is max BCLK I can use since went PCI-E storage, only with SATA have I tested upto 104MHz on 2700X, using lower RAM divider to say = 3600MHz+ RAM MHz and gain say ~4.2GHz+ ACB.

Quote: Originally Posted by majestynl View Post
Hmm good results! Also saw your other posts reaching 1600% with Ramtest...
I didnt find any time to stress test my memory. Will do soon. Looks promising for now Yesterday i was playing with PBO settings, got multicore boosting a bit higher but SC boost seems to be locking at 4.4Maybe im missing something, but again didnt had much time to play..
Cheers , 3K% in this post.
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What are the max mem clocks with four sticks and bandwidth?

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Quote: Originally Posted by elmor View Post
Timing results at 3600 MHz with 3900X, much smaller difference than expected until tuning subtimings and setting GearDown=Dis. In the "tuned" result I used the "4000MHz 1.5v 2x8GB B-die" profile and manually set the primary timings.


Sorry I think you'll have to ask someone else to test that.
Thanks for posting this and your work for testing!

I noticed somewhere else in the thread you managed to get sub 70ns on latency with the fclk 2:1 and above 4000mhz? Is this a benchmarking only situation or was there a possibility of having it sustainable @ 1.5vdimm

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Quote: Originally Posted by gupsterg View Post
Cheers , 3K% in this post.
Nice, let's hope it passes the 5k-10k! I can remember I had errors around even at those high percentages. Good luck!

PS: I'm curious why Karhu using that much cpu resources, can't remember it did that on 1x and 2x series. The app is also not updated for a while..

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Igor's Lab has very similar results as elmor. Appreciate the excessive testing

Concerning AIDA 64, which did not speak about it in the call, but one of the optimizations brought by Zen 2 is the reduction of the writing from a CCD to the IOD of 32B / cycle to 16B / cycle when the writing bandwidth remains fully provisioned at 32B / cycle. Since workloads have little writing, the link does not need to be 32B wide. This choice of design makes it possible to optimize the energy consumption in other parts of the architecture. In other words, with the 3700X and only one chiplet the observed behavior is normal (and on 3900X with two chiplets you will logically observe higher theoretical writing results).
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Has anyone else tried a Ryzen 3000 CPU on an X470 Taichi (Ultimate)? I've tried both an R5 3600 and R7 3700X and I'm having memory issues with both. Basically:

- XMP 3000 MT/s = works fine
- XMP 3200 MT/s = "stable" but causes audio issues (I tried on-board, HDMI, and USB DAC)
- Anything over 3200 MT/s = won't POST

Given everyone seems to be saying 3600 MT/s is "easy" on Ryzen 3000, I'm guessing this is a motherboard/BIOS issue? This board is stuck on AGESA still. So far I've found two other people elsewhere with similar issues running either the X370 or X470 Taichi. Anyone else here have experience with this? Will I just have to wait for AGESA
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