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Originally Posted by NoAffinity
Thanks for clarification, macg, I adjusted it. I've never really used memtest...and I did think it was only a memory tester.
i thought so too, for a loooooong time.

i decided to see if there was any truth to the articles i read, mostly on other sites that i had to use a translator on.

i ran my my 2.4a @ 3.6 which was unstable, used memtest and looped tests 1-4. all of them got loads of errors, looped 5 and 8 but got only 2 errors.

ran it again @ 3.4 but with a much lower vcore, still got errors on tests 1-4, nothing on test 5... upped the vcore a notch higher and tests 1-4 were error free... i didnt touch mem timings and vdimm at all..

verified this with a friend from another forum and he got the same results too..

i've read a LOT of posts regarding RMAs of high quality modules mainly because of Memtest errors, and on tests 1-4. guess this should clarify things and help people.
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