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I wrote a simple C++ program to find out how many watts of power an overclocked cpu produces.

It is based on this formula
OC Wattage = TDP * ( OC MHz / Stock MHz) * ( OC Vcore / Stock Vcore )^2

The text "^2" means "squared".

This formula is fairly self-evident. The stock/OC MHz is just how fast the processor is meant to run, and how fast you are in fact running it. Same with the vcore, which to any new people is the voltage that is run through the processor. Higher voltage means more stability, but also can lead to much higher power consumption, and if excessive, and early demise.

The only term that needs explanation is the TDP, or Thermal Design Power. The TDP is meant to be the wattage of the processor at load. I say "wattage" because it is unclear if this is meant to corrospond most immediately to how much power is consumed in watts, or how much heat is produced in watts, but as near as I can tell the TDP is pretty much meant to indicate both.

To get your processor's TDP, you must depend on AMD or Intel's own figures. In the case of AMD's XP line both maximum and typical are listed, and typical is what you want. Maximum is apparently if every single transistor were powered at the same time, which will never happen. Typical is meant to be the realistic maximum wattage.

here is the program and source code if anyone wants to see it. Its an easy program, but my math is kind of wierd at some points in the program so feel free to make suggestions. Attachment 33782

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