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Originally Posted by Phaedrus2129 View Post
Knock it off, you're making people waste money. I guess a lot of you are newer users, but you could still look at what the more experienced are saying. If the person is going to use a GTX590 or HD6990, sure recommend a 650W. But if they're using an HD6950 or GTS450 or HD6850 and state that they aren't going to SLI/Crossfire, then recommending a 650W or more is wasting their money.

And before saying "they may want to SLI/Crossfire later", first check and make sure that they have a dual slot motherboard in the first place.
Hear, hear!

Originally Posted by mikepahl318 View Post
My 700 watt StealthxStream could not handle my 6950 + 1090t overclocked...

Wow! My crappy DELL 750w psu was able to handle dual GTX 260s (not the 216 SP version) while running a Q9400 @ 3.9MHz 24/7 using a 790i Ultra mobo for over 2 years.
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