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Originally Posted by Xristo View Post
Alot of psu's arent what they are actually rated , a cheap 650w psu is more like 450w .

A quality 750w psu is good for any non sli system .

I had problems with my 650w , in benchmarks my pc would just switch off .. due to lack of power since i have everything overclocked .

Now i have a 1000w it doesnt happen anymore , i bought 1000w because i will probably end up xfire soon and i have a milion and 1 fans and lights in my case .. every bit helps .
I remember the thread where you posted about your problems. As p4p3r said your problem was a cheap piece of junk PSU that couldn't produce anywhere close to it's rated power that was causing the problem. You could have replaced it with a smaller rated QUALITY PSU that put out it's rated wattage and your system would be running just fine. You only needed about 500-650 watts at most, not that oversized thing you wasted your money on.

And I can't see any single GPU system that would need a 750watt PSU. There simply isn't a cpu that would require it, nor enough fans, lights, and other bling bling that you could add to it that would need it.

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