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**The Official CORSAIR VENGEANCE Owners Club**


**Thread originally started by Turrican9, taken over by Munaim1 as of 19/01/2012

How to become a member of this Owners Club

Please use CPU-Z as shown in the picture below. State your OCN user name and what type of Corsair Vengeance you have.

You can also provide pictures of your RAM/system but again you have to show your OCN username.


Kindly post your validation / proof here first then fill in the form and link the post as proof.

Right click and copy link address of your post

Should be something like this: https://www.overclock.net/t/1051664/the-official-corsair-vengeance-owners-club/230#post_16549300.  Alternatively post a CPU-Z validation but make sure it is the same as your OCN username.

Here is the FORM

Club Signature

**The Official Corsair Vengeance Owners Club**

[U][B][URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/1051664/the-official-corsair-vengeance-owners-club]**The Official Corsair Vengeance Owners Club**[/URL][/B][/U]


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