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The Official Intel Core i5-2500K/i5-2550k/i7-2600K/2700K/ Owners Club




**Thread originally started by Turrican9, taken over by Munaim1 as of 19/01/2012

For The Core i5-2500K/i5-2550k/i7-2600K/i7-2700K Owners

This Club is for all of us who bought these excellent CPU's from Intel. And who understands how much they kick ass.
In order to join this club, please provide a CPU-Z screenshot of your CPU. Also, in that same image, provide your OCN name as a proof. Use Wordpad, notepad or something like that.


You can give me a link to your CPU-Z Validation, showing your OCN name.

Additional, if you have the CPU, but have no motherboard yet, or are missing other components in order to operate your system, you could take a picture of your CPU, while at the same time showing your OCN name.




Signature, Copy And Paste Code Below

[B][I][SIZE=3][URL=https://www.overclock.net/t/1051733/the-official-intel-core-i5-2500k-i7-2600k-amd-buttkickers-owners-club]**The Official Intel Core i5-2500K/i5-2550k/i7-2600K/i7-2700K Owners Club**[/URL][/SIZE][/I][/B]


Kindly post your validation / proof here FIRST then fill in the FORM and link the post as proof.



Right click and copy link address of your post

Should be something like this "https://www.overclock.net/t/1051733/the-official-intel-core-i5-2500k-i5-2550k-i7-2600k-i7-2700k-amd-buttkickers-owners-club#post_14011218".

Alternatively post a CPU-Z validation but make sure it is the same as your OCN username.




Thanks to zodac for helping with the spreadsheet :)




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