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Instant LIKE!!
TBH , I can't stand those ultra low bass frequencies.. usually exaggerated and muddling on other 2.1 setups .. This way I like what I see.. the sharp drop is more like at 65Hz frown.gif

This should not disappoint me , and is alarmingly cheap!! In India , where things are crap expensive , contrary to popular belief, an AMD HD6950 card ( I just picked one up a fortnight back ) is for 350$ compared to the 220$ in the states..
This works out to just 38$ for me smile.gif
So the X600 it is!

Even though it's the blandest looker of them all../ I'll be taking off the side speaker's covers , should look better, something like this :

BTW , I like somewhat balanced sound..
looking at the frequency response.. this shouldn't be a problem , right ??

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