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Originally Posted by Witchdoctor;14512138 
Never have seem the liquid tape deal before,

How thick you putting it on and do you let dry and add, ???

Thinking moister may get caught between the layers if so ....

nice write up bass .............. smile.gif

I put on one big goopy layer... thickness is probably around 1/32". At this thickness, it takes about five minutes to start drying and about an hour for the thickest parts to dry fully. When you pull this stuff off, you can see every detail from the PCB... I'm talking traces and all. There's absolutely zero room for moisture to get in there.
Originally Posted by HobieCat;14512674 
I'm also curious...do you put anything on top of the LET? Like a layer of shop towels, then neoprene, etc? I'm assuming eraser doesn't do well with the LET.

I usually do a layer or two of paper towels on top of the LET to absorb any condensation that may sit on top of it along with my gasket.
Originally Posted by jach11;14513115 
dam. i was soldering something and my right left hand got burnted. gonna have to wait a lil while before my first dice run frown.gif

Sorry to hear that man frown.gif

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