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Hi, I was recently ranting to my dad about wanting to heatsink my vrm's, and with impecible timing his work was destroying some old computers(No liteleraly they where taking sledge hammers to them:eek:)

So, my dad picked me some heatsinks out from them:D. So, I am now heatsinking the vrm's in on my m3a770de. So, as you can't just put the thermal paste on it, I was wondering if anyone knew somewhere I can purchase thermal tape to put on the heatsink so I can stick it on the vrm's. The heatsink I am going to use already has old thermal tape on it, so it is stuck on those suckers at the moment, but I would like some new tape.

However, I can't find anywhere that sells it online, although I haven't checked tigerdirect but I would not purchase anything from them(they still havben't sent my game I purchased in a bundle 3 months ago). So, anyone know somewhere I can purchase some thermal tape.

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