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Originally Posted by Build It Fast;14524652 
Thanks, that is just what i need. I do infact need the tape because there is no way to mount a heatsink to the board, as it is not intended to have one in the first place. I think I will just go with the 3m stuff, because I mean it's 3m I don't doubt there stuff ever.

Ok, So aperantly my dad won't let me spend more on shipping than the actual product, so looks like I'm going to have to look local, but thanks guys.

Sorry but didn't initially read OP only saw tape assumed plumbers tape, there are different names for what you are looking for thermal tape/thermal adhesive others call it TIM Pads or Thermal Pads particularly when working with VRMs.
Performance-pcs.com may have what you are looking for in a better price to shipping cost ratio at $17.99 for 100mmx100mm pad shipping cost dependent upon location. Here is a link for Phobya Thermal Pads, you can also use there search function to find other brands.

Your local electronics store will be your best option. Although there may be a solution at your local Hardware store as there may be a solution in the electronics department, wouldn't hurt to ask.

If you are dead set on buying online the only way for shipping to be cheaper than the purchase price would most likely be if you (or your parents) are Amazon Prime members and you could get it on Amazon Prime with Free Two Day shipping.

Original response:If you were looking for plumbers tape (needed for liquid cooling):
Your Local Hardware store will be the best place to get thermal tape. Just go to whichever hardware store you (or your Dad) normally goes to and pick some up, it will be the fastest option and most likely the cheapest. Just know that local hardware stores are not created equally, for example in my area True Value is usually cheaper and has more knowledgeable/helpful staff and Ace Hardware tends to be more expensive. Recently I bought some screws at my local True Value, 100 for around $6 but at Ace the same box was $18. I take it that you are a minor, so just ask your dad which hardware store is best in your area and go there and don't forget to ask them if you need help.
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