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Sorry , a bit late smile.gif
Just picked up the X600 ..
Loving it ..
the highs are exceptionally well rolled off and the only thing lacking IMHO is v.low base.. else they do not disappoint. And they have tweeters, as you mentioned, make a BIG difference.
Same price as the M3200 , but didn't like the mids/ highs on the M3200.. the P3060 was too cheap ( for my liking) and hadn't any speaker grill . a bit of a problem since i live in a hostel, being small , they'd circulate a LOT.

thanks for the inputs though smile.gif
I did boost the 60Hz frequencies from my soundcard mixer, makes things a lot better. Just goes to show a little extension of the frequency response into the ultra-lows would definitely helped. At least till 50Hz.

The P3080M was a shade more expensive, but honestly , it lacked the appeal of a good relatively balanced pair like the x600.

To add, the M3200s LOOK AMAZING in person .. Just wished they had red in stock.. Dislike blue.

Now need to find a good DAC for about 70$ in India = virtually impossible.

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