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I thought about Sony MDRXB500 but they are 120$ on ncix and on the Sony official they are 80$.. I wanted to take them in local shop, but here in quebec their all overpriced crap plus 15% taxes and 1/4 of choice.. I listen a lot of dubstep, techno, rap and i have about 100$ I'm very tired of my skullcandy earbuds that i need to push as deep as the tympan for the bass not to sound like a cymbal.

1-What have the much/quality bass for 100$ (without skullcandy and dre)
2-Preferably Senheiser and a durable over time cushion ear pads
3-2.0 not 5.1 or 7.1 nor "vibrating" ear cup type of bass bs i really dislike those.
4-I listen music mostly at night they need to be able to handle loud deep bass, i need Circumaural and Closed-Back.
5-Do i need a amplifier for much/better bass and what are they best bass setup you would recommend at whoever the price tag.
6-Is it possible for headphone to match a highly eq'd z-2300 in term of bass.

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