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Hm, i've been looking thru all the suggestions and i'm still stuck on those ATH-m50 even if they are out of my budget... I'll might expend it, is an cheap headphone amp would worth buying along with them, what would be the benefits of it, and do you have some models? Also i was searching for m50 pads replacement and i've seen an image witch the m50 had a velour pads on them and someone on the forum of that image said this.

"I've tried putting dt250 pads on my m50's before I sold them. They stayed on there for a total of about five minutes before immediately reverting to the stock leather pads. The bass was horribly exaggerated, overpowering all of the mids and highs. The comfort and un-sweatiness factor was definitely not worth the sound quality decrease.
Bassheads, however, may like it. I already thought the m50's had some extreme bass, but this mod brought it over the top."

I didn't know that pads can make that of a difference on headphone i thought it was all the speakers that we're doing the job.


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